At Bath Spa University, we understand that the provision of food and catering services has environmental and social impacts.

In support of our overall Environmental Policy, we are committed to minimising these impacts and making them positive wherever we can.
To achieve these aims we will create a sustainable food culture at the University by:

  • Meeting and exceeding all relevant industry regulation;
  • Promoting healthy food to our customers to enhance their well-being;
  • Reflecting seasonality in menu plans;
  • Working to support our local producers;
  • Incorporating best practice in our sourcing of sustainable food;
  • Ensuring our catering staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to embed sustainable issues into their practices;
  • Engaging customers and our supply chain in the issues around sustainable food.

We will work with our suppliers and stakeholders (including TUCO) to achieve these aims; this policy covers all food outlets and food served by the University.

The Sustainable Food Policy and Action Plan will be reviewed and updated as required by the Environmental Steering Group.

Date of last approval: August 2014
Approved by: Environmental Steering Group
Date of next review: April 2017
Department/Post responsible: Sustainability Manager

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