Examination Boards

External examiners are required to attend all examination boards at which decisions on recommendations for awards are made.

Arrangements for examination boards are carried out by the course team. Any queries regarding dates for examination boards or meetings should be directed to your subject contact at the University. If you are unable to make contact, please get in touch with a member of the Quality Management Team and we will endeavour to help.

The role of the external examiner(s) at examination boards is to ensure that:

  • Students' work is accurately, consistently and fairly marked and within the regulations of the University
  • Standards of awards recommended are comparable with awards conferred at HEIs within the sector
  • Assessment is conducted in accordance with the course of study and University's regulations
  • Decisions are reached in accordance with the University's regulations and HE practice

Comprehensive details of examination board procedures can be found at this link:

Details of composition of examination board, judgements, mitigating circumstances and unfair practice can be found at this link:

Dates for Examination Boards

For details of the examination board schedule, please go to this link: