Fundraising Priorities


Our economy is driven by high-level skills, creativity and innovation, and to remain globally competitive it is essential that the brightest and best students are supported in their undergraduate studies and enabled to continue into postgraduate study, without the limitation of financial constraints. The different priorities between postgraduate and undergraduate study reflects the challenging funding environment of higher education.

Postgraduate Scholarships

Students wishing to progress in their fields face real issues financing their studies at a postgraduate level and some simply never have the opportunity to fulfil their ambitions. Unlike undergraduate studies there is no government backed funding system for a Master's or PhD course. 

At Bath Spa we offer our undergraduates an Alumni Progression Scholarship of a £1,200 fee waiver. We are also pleased that a number of individuals and businesses are offering our students funding in specific fields including Classical Performance and Writing.

The Jennifer Skellett Postgraduate Bursary and Junior Fellowship recipients: from left to right Sophie Batchelor, Catherine Chapman, James Thomas, Jennifer Skellett, Christian Cox, Hannah Morley, Ben Knight and Matt Dicken

“I feel quite invigorated when I meet the students, their enthusiasm and commitment is very uplifting and their gratitude is quite humbling. The donations enable them to go the extra mile in their studies and help towards a better future; of course I am quite jealous and wish I were 55 years younger.” Jennifer Skellett

Catherine Chapman recollects how she felt when finding out about her bursary: “A mixture of happiness and relief. To embark upon a Master’s is a big financial decision, as well as an intellectual one. I am truly grateful for her support. It made me want to work even harder.”

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Undergraduate Fund

Undergraduate study sees course fees grabbing the headlines, but in reality it is funding their books, equipment, materials, accommodation or travelling to relevant events or places to enhance their study that presents the biggest challenges to our students. Scholarships and bursaries can make a real difference in bridging the gap between a student’s loan and their personal and study needs.

John Cullum with recipients of the 2015 Cullum Family Award Elisabeth 'Lil' Patuck and Silas Chandler Blackburn

"Having agreed that the key objective of the Cullum Family Award would be employability, I have been delighted with applications for the award. They demonstrated creativity and the determination of students to use their university education to pursue successful professional careers. Meeting the students and talking through their aspirations has been hugely rewarding and inspiring, hopefully promoting sustainable future employment that supports the wider arts industry.” John Cullum

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart! It's been an amazing and incredibly career growing summer. Without your help I wouldn't have managed it. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support.” Silas Chandler Blackburn on his internship at Nylon Studios in New York sponsored by the Cullum Family Award

The hard work of Elisabeth ‘Lil’ Patuck paid off at MusicAlly when her unpaid internship was changed to a two day a week paid post. Without the seed funding from the Cullum Family Award Lil wouldn’t have been able to travel to London for the internship. “It is incredibly amazing that a complete stranger would choose to help people like me find my way into [the music industry]…. I hope one day I can reach a position in the music industry from which I can support others like you have supported me. Thank you!!” 

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Student Hardship Fund

This essential fund is available to students who have made realistic provision to fund their studies and experience unforeseen emergencies and financial hardship outside of their control. It is in times of hardship when we need your help to be there for our students and ensure they can stay at university.

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Greatest Need

The Greatest Need Fund allows Bath Spa to give direct support wherever the need is greatest. By choosing to give to the Greatest Need Fund you will be enabling the University to respond immediately to challenges as and when they arise, enhancing student experience, and creating support for academic research and public engagement.

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Sustaining excellence in this fast moving world requires us to enrich the experience of our students, encouraging them to think differently and rewarding their success. This is why we want to allow our students to pursue ideas that challenge them and others through awards and prizes.

We are aware that awards and prizes can be very personal gifts that you, as a donor, may wish to focus on your own area of interest. We are happy to discuss establishing a specific fund in which you would like to invest. Alternatively you can choose to make a donation in support of these priority areas.

Click here to read case studies from students who have received funding to find out what they are able to achieve with support.

Enterprise Showcase Fund

Many of our students, particularly those in creative, performance, cultural and heritage fields, fund their own end of course exhibitions, performances and events, whether here at Bath Spa University or at industry graduate showcases. A great example of these activities is the undergraduate fashion students showing their work at Graduate Fashion Week in London. The video below shows the 2014 show, which saw graduate Grace Weller win the Womenswear and the George Gold Awards (the second time in three years that Bath Spa University picked up the top prizes).

Course leaders work with students to help them manage these costs, so they have the best opportunity of getting their work in front of employers and the public to demonstrate their talent and expertise.

With your help we would like to grow the Enterprise Showcase Fund, which will provide matched funding grants to support these endeavours. Grants awarded to students from the fund will only be unlocked when they have matched them £1 for £1. The aim is to encourage students to be entrepreneurial and enterprising in staging exhibitions, producing publications or presenting at conferences, which in turn will give them a real insight into funding their own work, which is increasingly important in the creative and cultural sectors.

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Grace Weller, BA (Hons) Fashion Design 2014, winner of the George Gold Award at Graduate Fashion Week 2014

You can find out more about how to sponsor Bath Spa's attendance at Graduate Fashion Week and Bath Fashion Show on the Sponsor Projects tab.

International Travel Fund

Our aim is to embed global perspectives in our curriculum to enhance students’ international awareness and firmly place them in the worldwide employment market.

Champes-Elysees by Ed Low, BA (Hons) Photography, 2015

Ed Low was the first student in 2014/15 to receive his award and complete his trip. Ed travelled to the Za’atari Refugee Camp (Jordan), a few kilometres south of the Syrian border, to document daily life and produce a book of portraits for his final undergraduate assessment. He found the experience exhilarating, but challenging: “Working within Za’atari was certainly a challenge, not only the searing heat of the desert, but also the stress of having to be constantly vigilant due to security.” The trip has also shown Ed what life is like as a photojournalist and given him a clearer idea of what lies ahead if he was to pursue this career path, “When you work alongside professionals such as these, professionalism seems to naturally come to you. I found myself in the shoes of a photojournalist.”

The purpose of the International Travel Fund is to enable students to take up travel opportunities that directly impact on their studies and improve their employability. It is one of our most popular funds and we are pleased that it will be available again in 2016, but it needs the support of donors to be able to continue to provide more grants to students. Donations in support of the International Travel Fund will allow undergraduate and postgraduate students to take up international business placements, go on research trips and study abroad.

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Student Experience Fund

Being at university is about getting a rounded experience to take forward into life. The Student Experience Fund provides support for students who have the passion and commitment to volunteer, work in the community, start-up social enterprises or take part in extra-curricular clubs and societies. Read some of our case studies to see what this fund has enabled students to do this year.

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Our research focus is on creativity, culture and enterprise with established strengths in Art and Design, Music and Performing Arts, Humanities and Creative Writing, and Education. With your help we can develop these areas and enhance our reputation for excellence through engaged research with impact. We are currently seeking funding to support the development of the following projects:



The Global Academy of Liberal Arts (GALA) brings together a group of leading Liberal Arts providers from around the world to explore the relationship between creativity and social engagement. Our activities span international, interdisciplinary and inter-generational perspectives to broaden the experience of students and staff. The founding partners represent a range of international approaches to the liberal arts and will share a commitment to raising students’ global awareness. Information on the network and the inaugural meeting held in 2014 can be found here.

We need your help to fund travel for staff and research students to enable them to work in collaboration with our international partners and develop new programmes. 

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Seed Funding for Research

We work closely with academic colleagues to secure funding from grant funders and businesses to support public engagement and research projects that enhance the University’s reputation and deliver broader public benefit from health and wellbeing, to culture and creativity. These projects also offer students opportunities to work on public facing activities. It is often the gem of an idea that needs funding to take it from the drawing board to a stage when it can be supported through a major funding bid. With your support we would like to create a Seed Fund for our research professors and PhD students to support them in growing the potential of their ideas. 

"The worth of an idea cannot be made apparent until you do it" Nick Cave, 20,000 Days on Earth 

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Illuminate 2015 presented a programme of eight large scale projected installations, artworks and performances over eight nights in central Bath with a theme of interactivity, participation and light. The artworks were located around Bath Abbey, in and around the Roman Baths, on Pulteney Bridge and the Holburne Museum. The artworks were created by a mix of local and international artists, and Bath Spa students and staff. 

A team of 26 volunteers welcomed over 20,000 visitors and took a role as invigilators and exhibition interpreters. Many of the artists, including Lyndal Jones (Australia) and Leila Sujir (Canada) were also out on the street engaging with members of the public and sharing their own artistic vision. 

The event has proven influential on public policy within Bath and North East Somerset Council, being included in their new Cultural and Creative Strategy.

Sponsored by
Arts Council England
Bath and North East Somerset Council
Nicholas Pearson Associates
The Trevor Osborne Charitable Trust
Enlightened Lighting

Leila Sujir and her work Elastis City Spacey projected on to the entrance of the Roman Baths: “Thank you for inviting me to Illuminate 2015. I had a super time at the festival: it was really creatively rich and has made me think about the festival as a lab space residency that allows us to engage in conversations with audiences, to experiment, to resolve the art project and open up research questions. I was particularly intrigued with the people attending multiple times, who wanted to talk and were curious and attentive to what had changed. I was really taken with the different responses from a wide age range, from the children and teenagers to young adults, and the older generations - all were game to try on the 3D glasses and to experience the public (elastic) space.” 

If you are interested in supporting Illuminate 2017 please call Naomi Box on 01225 875808 or contact


Each year our staff and students are involved in creative and cultural projects that bring talent and experiences to the wider public, and give them the opportunity to learn and develop their skills. We are currently seeking funding for the following projects. To find out more about how to sponsor these projects or to discuss an idea for a prize please call Naomi Box on 01225 875808 or email

Business Sponsored Scholarships and Prizes

There are many reasons for your business to sponsor a scholarship or prize at Bath Spa University:

  • You can gain an early opportunity to select from the best up-and-coming students and enhance your brand through association with Bath Spa University
  • A scholarship will help to raise the profile of your company within your industry or in the wider community by showing commitment to education and facilitating learning.
  • It is a great way to give something back to Bath Spa after being involved with the University through work, study or as a business who has offered placements or recruited Bath Spa graduates.
  • By sharing a passion for education and the value of higher education your business can achieve its corporate social responsibility goals and encourage more students to take up university places.
  • Your business can give students the opportunity to challenge themselves, open their eyes to different ways of learning, and develop new skills and ideas.

When you sponsor a scholarship or a prize, you enable the most deserving students to study at Bath Spa, whatever their circumstances. In doing so, you help students gain confidence, qualifications, and leadership skills. In time, this will benefit companies, the wider business world, and the community at large.

Benefits to your business
We understand that one of the most satisfying elements for businesses sponsoring a scholarship or prize is seeing the students they have supported thrive. Support from the business community is vital to ensuring that every one of our students has the opportunity to follow their dreams.

Our priority is to ensure you and your colleagues can spend time with our academic staff and students, and benefit from the rich cultural programmes run by the University.

Your sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Naming of the scholarship or prize
  • Involvement with the student recipient(s) through an internship or by you and your staff acting as their mentor
  • Invite sponsored students to undertake a research project for your business
  • Acknowledgement and recognition in University promotional materials
  • Invitations to University lectures, performances, exhibitions and events
  • Invitations to the University’s annual supporters evening with the Vice-Chancellor, notable alumni and honorary graduates

Offering an annual scholarship, bursary or prize starts from £1,500 a year (plus VAT).

For our students scholarships mean more than just financial support.
For some, a scholarship enables them to reach their potential as a contributor to society, when they would otherwise not have been able to. For others, it rewards their achievements, empowers their personal development and strengthens awareness that their personal success is interconnected with the support of others.

What did receiving a scholarship mean to you?
“I was in shock and also full or gratitude to receive the funding. I was jumping and full of joy. The funding has helped me immensely; the international placement has provided me with first hand experience of running business in an international context, which is invaluable to my Business Management with International Business degree.” Alpha Kargbo, BA Business Management 2014-, recipient of an International Travel Award

2014/15 Creative Thinking - Hothouse Incubator participants from left to right: Alex Fermor, Dev Pathak, Tom Lewis founder of the Guild CoWorking Hub, Chris Lewis, Professor Andrew Hugill, Isabella Culver, and Katarzyna Wagner

“The project we were working on was about so much more than the funding. The Hothouse project brought together a group of Creative Minds from different academic backgrounds that otherwise may never have met. The Hothouse project inspired me and helped me to create new working relationships and new friends. Ark Data Centres and the Corsham Institute have opened my mind to a whole other world of job opportunities that I never thought would be available to me. I am a creative arts students who now designs computer programs. The funding and project as a whole has pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible and through it I feel I have grown up a lot. I have been given the gift of experience and friendship and those require no price tag.” Isabella Culver, BA Creative Arts and Drama Studies 2014 -, participant in Ark Data Centres’ and the Corsham Institute's Creative Thinking Hothouse Incubator

“Thank you to Santander for the opportunity to present my business ideas to a panel of experts and for the prize money. It has given me more confidence in my ideas and the prize money will give me the chance to make a go of it.” Louisa Berrington, BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition, 2015, participant in the Santander Business Plan Competition

“The application process enabled me to really reflect on myself as an artist and think about how I want to develop my creative practice now and in the future. Being shortlisted and asked to make a proposal and presentation to a panel of judges was a really valuable experience that has given me confidence to apply for similar opportunities.” Kilda Meadows, BA (Hons) Ceramics and Textile Design, 2013, Porthleven Prize winner 2012/13

You can find out more about the value of Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries read our Impact Report at

To discuss how to become a sponsor please contact Naomi Box on 01225 875808 or email

BA Fashion Design - Graduate Fashion Week and The Bath Show

Made in Bath: Our Fashion Graduates endorse Bath's growing reputation for being 'beautifully inventive' and Bath Spa University's reputation for producing creative industry leaders

Join us on the front row: We want to celebrate this excellence by promoting Bath brands and the City of Bath as a creative, inventive and glamorous place to live, work and play. We are seeking Bath based businesses' and brands, that share our passion for the City, to support our students runway shows in Bath and at Graduate Fashion Week in London.

Each year Bath Spa Fashion Design students showcase their work in Bath at the Assembly Rooms' Show and at Graduate Fashion Week - an essential event for emerging designers to be spotted at by industry. Graduate Fashion Week is a highly
respected and successful platform for bringing new talent to the attention of industry professionals.

In 2012 and 2014 Bath Spa Graduates (Chloe Gregory and Grace Weller) took home the top George Gold Award for their womenswear designs.

The University can only give limited financial support. Students raise over £8,000 to showcase their work in London and Bath this contributes to the costs of:

  • Models
  • Professional show producer
  • Staging

The Bath Showcase is supported in-kind:

  • Hair by Artisan
  • Make-up by AOFM
  • Venue discount B&NES Heritage Services

Students also sell approximately 350 tickets for the Bath Showcase

But this doesn't completely fund the Bath Showcase or Graduate Fashion Week.

We are seeking business support to sponsor their appearance at Graduate Fashion Week and to stage the Show in Bath.

The opportunity

Bath Showcase, April 2016                             Graduate Fashion Week, May 2016  
  • Audience: Afternoon c.150 / Evening c.220
  • 10 front row tickets for you and your guests at both shows
  • 10 invitations to evening reception
  • Product placement at evening reception
  • Brand recognition on Invitations / Tickets, Programme and Staging
  • Audience c.27,000
  • 4 front row tickets for you and your guests
  • 4 invitations to VIP reception
  • Product placement at VIP reception
  • Brand recognition on invitations sent to industry          

The sponsorship package is starts at £5,000 (plus VAT)