The grounds at Bath Spa University contain a variety of important habitats and species that we manage with a comprehensive biodiversity and habitat management plan. Protected species found at Newton Park and our other campuses include; Great Crested Newts and 8 of the 12 UK bat species including; lesser horseshoe bats.

We have recently adopted new grass cutting regimes across our campuses. Specifically at Newton Park, defined areas have not been cut as they would have previously and instead are being allowed to grow. In addition, wildflowers have been planted and seeded in areas like the Walled Garden.

These additions and changes are not only improving the aesthetics of our grounds but they are also increasing biodiversity, of benefit for our wildlife communities such as several species of bat, and newts including the protected Great Crested Newt.


Progress is monitored and reported annually BSU Annual Biodiversity Habitat Management Plan Report