Carbon and Energy

Our use of energy isn't the only activity that emits CO2, but it's a big contributor. That's why we have developed a Carbon Reduction and Management Plan (CRMP), setting out how we will address all activities that contribute to the University's carbon emissions.

Our target is to reduce annual CO­2 emissions by 2000 tonnes against a 2005-8 baseline, by 2020. This is a huge task, especially considering we are continually expanding as a business and striving to improve our services to students, but we’re doing pretty well so far.

As a result of the CRMP, our buildings now use 26 per cent less energy per m2 than they did in 2010 and, prior to bringing 560 more students to live on Newton Park, we reduced carbon emissions by 30 per cent per person.

Over the last couple of years, we have worked with Schneider UK to develop a project that will deliver our remaining carbon-reduction plans, via an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). The EPC model is a form of contracting where the energy, water and operational efficiency systems are upgraded and paid for through the guaranteed energy savings that the project will deliver. It is a partnership, where both parties have a long-term interest in the project’s success.

Bath Spa’s EPC commenced in March 2016 and work will be completed in September 2016. Works have been taking place across our three main campuses, Newton Park, Sion Hill, and Corsham Court. These works are expected to save over 1.1 million kWh in energy every year, which equates to around 850 tonnes of CO2. This is equivalent to the carbon emissions from heating and powering around 140 medium-sized homes or driving four million kilometres in an average-sized car. We have a long journey ahead but we’ve made a great start.

Delivering on our ten year goal to reduce annual carbon emissions by 2,000 tonnes, the University will see seven energy conservation measures being implemented:
1. Biomass district heating and energy centre expansion
2. Building management system upgrade
3. Lighting upgrades
4. Cooling and ventilation works and removal of R22 Gas units
5. Date centre cold-isle containment
6. Mechanical services insulation
7. Boiler works