Environmental Management

EcoCampus Platinum award

EcoCampus is a national Environmental Management System (EMS) and award scheme designed specifically for the higher education sector. The scheme is closely aligned to ISO 14001, the international EMS standard. The aim of the scheme is to assist institutions in moving towards environmental sustainability through good operational and management practices.

The EcoCampus scheme is broken down into four phases, with the final phase indicating a fully operational, auditable EMS that delivers continuous improvement:

  • Bronze (Planning)
  • Silver (Implementing);
  • Gold (Operating);
  • Platinum (Checking and Correcting).

BSU has recently been re-awarded the Platinum level in 2016, a notable achievement and signifies major progress in BSU's environmental management journey. 

 EcoCampus Phases


As part of the audit we were assessed for our compliance with environmental legislation, pollution prevention, operational competence, progress in meeting our targets, and communication and awareness raising.

The EcoCampus project is funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and is a collaborative project between Nottingham Trent University, Loreus Ltd (EMS, software development and training consultancy) and key partners, the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) and Environmental Campaigns (ENCAMS).

EcoCampus covers all aspects of the University's operations, including waste management; energy and water; transport; emissions and discharges; construction and refurbishment; sustainable purchasing; and community involvement.  This links directly to our commitments stated in Bath Spa University's Environmental Policy.