Academic Board

Academic Board's terms of reference, as declared in the Instrument And Articles of Government, define its responsibilities in academic provision.

The conduct of business in the subcommittees of Academic Board must be in accordance with the Standing Orders of Academic Board, which appear as an annex to the Rules and Bylaws of the Articles of Government of the University.

Subject to provisions of the Articles, to the overall responsibility of the Board of Governors and to the responsibilities of the Vice-Chancellor, the Academic Board is responsible for:

  • general issues relating to the research, scholarship, teaching and courses at the University, including criteria for the admission of students, the appointment and removal of internal and external examiners, policy & procedures for assessment and examination of the academic performance of students, the content of the curriculum, academic standards and the validation and review of courses, the procedures for the award of qualifications and honorary academic titles, and the procedures for the expulsion of students for academic reasons. Such responsibilities are subject to requirements of validating and accrediting bodies where appropriate
  • considering the development of the academic activities of the University and the resources needed to support them and for advising the Vice-Chancellor and the Board of Governors thereon.
  • advising on such matters as the Board of Governors or the Vice-Chancellor may refer to the Academic Board.

Membership (2016/17):

  • Professor Christina Slade – Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
  • Professor Neil Sammells – Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost (Deputy Chair)
  • Mr Dan Allen - Head of Department, Art, Bath School of Art and Design++
  • Professor Georgina Andrews - Head of Field, Bath Business School++
  • Ms Alison Baud – Director of Library and Learning Services
  • Ms Kerry Curtis – Associate Dean, Bath School of Art and Design**
  • Professor Paul Davies – Vice-Provost (Learning and Teaching Quality)
  • Dr Darren Garside - Senior Lecturer, Education Studies, Institute for Education++
  • Dr Sarah Hackett – Reader in Modern European History**
  • Ms Kitty Hilton - President, Students' Union
  • Ms Kat Kennard - Education Officer, Students' Union
  • Ms Caroline Kuhn - Postgraduate student
  • Professor Steve May – Provost, College of Liberal Arts
  • Professor Robert Mears - Executive Dean, College of Liberal Arts
  • Professor Kate Reynolds – Dean of Institute for Education
  • Dr Rebecca Schaaf – Deputy Vice-Provost Learning and Teaching**
  • Professor John Strachan – Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise)
  • Professor Anita Taylor – Dean of Bath School of Art and Design
  • Mr Christopher Ellicott – Registrar and Director of Student Services (Secretary)

** =   Elected member until 31 August 2017
++ = Newly elected member, starting 1 September 2016 until 31 August 2018

Sub Committees

Academic Board fulfils many of its responsibilities through an infrastructure of executive subcommittees. The Vice-Chancellor is an ex officio member of all subcommittees of the Academic Board. The Vice-Chancellor appoints Chairs of Academic Board subcommittees.

Student representatives to Academic Board and its subcommittees serve for one year. Heads of Schools nominate named alternates to some committees, in some cases after consultation with relevant Chairs of committees. Chairs of committees nominate some members, in some cases after consultation with Heads of Schools.

Heads of Schools are responsible for arrangements for the election of School Board representatives. These arrangements ensure that there is an optimum blend of representation and expertise, and new and experienced membership.

Agendas and Minutes of Meetings

Here are the minutes and agendas for the Academic Board from November 2004 to November 2009 in PDF format. Papers relating to the agendas may be obtained from the Secretary to the Academic Board. 

Academic Year:Agendas:Minutes:
2004/2005November, January, April, MayNovember, January, April, May
2005/2006November, April, May, JulyNovember, April, May, July
2006/2007October, November, January, April, May, JulyOctober, November, January, April, May, July
2007/2008November, January, March, MayJulyNovember, January, March, May, July
2008/2009October, March, MayOctober, March, May
2009/2010November, March, May, JulyJanuary, March, May, July

All Academic Board agendas, minutes and papers from 2010/2011 onwards are available on the BSU Wiki.

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