Operating Procedures

In addition to the instructions laid down in the Articles of Government, the Academic Board also has it's own day-to-day procedures:

Preparing Papers for Academic Board and its Subcommittees

In order that committees can keep proper records, and discussion/decisions of committees can have a proper focus, the following conventions should be used when presenting papers to the Academic Board or any of its subcommittees.

Committee secretaries should receive papers in sufficient time to enable members to consider them fully. Normally, papers should be circulated to committee members at least seven working days before the meeting.

Members of committees formally present papers, though committee members may wish to ensure, with the permission of the Chair, that members of staff who are not members are present to speak. It is the responsibility of the presenter to ensure that all relevant paperwork is present, and that papers are delivered to the deadline required by circulation.

  • Papers should be typed or word-processed.
  • Papers should be headed 'Bath Spa University'.
  • All papers should have headers, giving the following information:
    • Audience ("To...")
    • Name of the presenter ("From...")
    • Name of author ("Prepared by...")
    • Title (or subject)
    • Date of drafting

Any paper presented to a committee should conclude with recommendations. These may be simply that the committee is asked to receive or note the paper. If a specific decision is required it should be formulated as a motion.