Education and Social Justice

An interdisciplinary research group interested in how knowledge and social justice interact.

This research group defines education broadly to include informal and incidental learning, capacity building and agency through community organising and knowledge creation and translation as well as the more traditionally considered avenues of schooling.

We are interested in how education, when done well, can contribute to social justice conceived as recognition, representation and redistribution, and how education can also act as a barrier to this.

Our broad scope encompasses a number of topics, for example issues of cognitive and epistemic justice that dictate what counts as knowledge and who says what stands as true; the emancipatory function of education to disturb stagnated imaginaries and forefront a politics of recognition; the interconnectedness of our social and natural spheres which demand the simultaneous consideration of environmental justice with social justice and how to educate and advocate for this; educational governance that represents a diverse range of practitioners and stakeholders at all levels of decision making, and much more.

There is also a focus on methodologies that contribute to social justice which are particularly prevalent and have a long heritage in educational research such as participatory methods, action research, popular education and co-produced research.


PhD candidate Raul Paez Cubides – Peace-building from Multiple Voices: Understanding the Potential of Education in the Transformation of Colombian Society


IfE-funded research project: The Role of Activist Research in the Modern University: a Theoretical Exploration


Official launch

The Education and Social Justice Research Group officially launched on October 20th 2017.

The group has many plans which it will seek to develop over time, including hosting PhD students and a seminar series as well as providing a space for critical reflection on issues of social justice and its research priorities.

To start progressing towards developing a thriving research agenda, we will be kicking off our group with a reading group on social justice. Please read below in 'Events' for more information. 

New blog

The Education and Social Justice Research Group Now have a blog!

Our blog is interested in exploring the interaction between knowledge and social justice from a broad range of perspectives. You will find posts about a range of social justice issues that relate to knowledge production /dissemination/learning in small posts of between 800-1,000 words.

Please take a look here. And if you'd like to write as a guest blogger contact Lindsey Horner.



Research Methods for Social Justice reading group - starting July 2018

2nd July - 6th August 2018, 2.00-3.00pm, Commons, Newton Park

Reading groups are run for a finite time around a specific topic. This reading group will run for 6 weeks on the topic of ‘Research methods for social justice’. 

Please see our reading list for further information. If you have additional enquiries, please contact Lindsey Horner.

Upcoming Events

  • Reading group on activist research - starting October 2018
  • Interactive workshop on activist research - starting December 2018

Past Events

Reading Group on Social Justice

Tuesday 24th October – Tuesday 12th December at 4.00pm, NP CM.110

Reading groups are run for a finite time around a specific topic. The first reading group will run for 8 weeks on the general topic of ‘Social Justice’. Further reading groups will be developed around specific interests as desired by the group.

For information and article for this generalist reading group please contact Lindsey.


You can read more about our thoughts on a range of Social Justice issues on our blog.

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