How much you achieve in life should not be determined by how much your parents earn.

Bath Spa University is pleased to be working with Teach First to deliver the Teach First Leadership Development Programme for the South West region. 

Teach First is an education charity that believes no child’s educational success should be limited by their socio-economic background. They work with people and organisations who share their vision towards the day when every child has the excellent education they are entitled to.

About the programme

About the programme

The Teach First Leadership Development Programme is an employment based two year teacher training route.

Training commences in the summer prior to year one with an intensive ‘Summer Institute’, which focuses on the essentials of teaching theory and practice.

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) combines teacher training and a fully-funded Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE - worth twice the credits of a PGCE) with one-to-one coaching, enabling you to develop the skills and qualities to be a leader in the classroom and beyond.

Information for schools

Interested in becoming a Teach First school? You'll find more information on the Teach First website.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for the Teach First Leadership Development programme, visit the Teach First website.

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