Bath Abbey Marks Advent with Unique Work of Art from Bath Spa University Student

15 November 2011 10:29:00

Preparations are currently underway at Bath Abbey to install a one-off work of art to commemorate the Advent. The piece, which officially goes on display on 22 November, will hang suspended from the ceiling in the centre of the Abbey until Christmas Eve. 

Jane Sargeant, who designed the piece after winning a competition run with Bath Spa University, will be working with a team of professional installers this week to hang the artwork in place. Once completed, this will be one of the first things visitors will see on entering the Abbey as a reminder of the Advent season.

Jane Sargeant said: “For me, the challenge as an artist lies in a desire to make the viewer stop and consider part of their surroundings they might not have considered before. The pieces I’ve created for the Abbey provide focal points for quiet contemplation, a chance to stop and think. The clear reflective tubes echo the architectural features within the Abbey, the open spaces filled with an ever-changing light. The imagery contained within is inspired by details often overlooked - the dark hidden corners, worn stone work and fading texts - and create another theme of Advent, the progress from darkness into light.”

According to The Rector of Bath Abbey, Rev Preb Edward Mason: “At Christmas we celebrate the coming of Jesus into the world. Advent helps us to prepare for this cosmic event by challenging us to think about the great issues of life and death. That is why we have commissioned this installation for the Advent season.”

The installation will be displayed in the Abbey from Thursday 22 November and throughout Advent until Christmas Eve, with preparations for the work to be put into place starting this Thursday 10 November.

Jane Sargeant is an experienced and extensively published illustrator who currently lives with her husband and three children. In July this year Jane re-graduated from Bath Spa University in Creative Arts specialising in fine art and textiles.