Bath Spa University Lecturer Chosen for Film Festival

09 January 2012 10:39:00

Robert Brown, Lecturer in Film and Creative Production at Bath Spa University, will see his film 'Paper Hearts' screened at the London Short Film Festival (LSFF) on 13 January. 

The film has already obtained backing from Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey and received positive reviews whist showing at Rushes Soho Shorts, Singapore International Film Festival and Leeds International Film Festival.

The idea for the short drama came when Rob spent several months working with homeless people as part of his ‘Rough Sleepers’ multimedia project. The documentaries he made during this time inspired the script for 'Paper Hearts' and people sleeping rough contributed ideas for the story. The film script was brought to life after being selected for funding from IdeasTap, a funding body for emerging art talent, by a panel that included Kevin Spacey.

Mr Spacey said: "What I really liked about this project was its potential to give homeless people a creative voice and make a difference."

‘Paper Hearts’ was soon spotted by BFI London Film Festival and LSFF programmer Philip Ilson who encouraged Rob to submit it to LSFF for consideration.

Rob is delighted that it was selected for the festival: "It was a real honour to be awarded funding by Kevin Spacey to get the film off the ground. He spoke very highly of the project and this made me determined to make a success of it. I’m delighted that it has been selected for such prestigious festivals."

The film tells the story of a dysfunctional father and son who make a surprising discovery about each other. It tackles the perceptions of homelessness and aims to break down social barriers.