History of Education at Newton Park Uncovered

14 February 2012 10:55:00

Bath Spa University's historic Newton Park campus has been associated with education for many years - and historians at the University are now delving into its past to see what secrets will be uncovered.

Newton Park was first opened as a teacher training institution in 1946 as part of the emergency post-war initiatives to fill shortages created by the war, and ex-service people were accelerated into teaching with a one-year course. The then Princess Elizabeth officially opened the teacher training college in 1950.

Since then the campus has seen significant developments, including the merging of the Bath Teacher Training College and Bath College of Domestic Science to form Bath College of Higher Education in 1975, and the merging with the Bath Academy of Art (itself with an even longer history since 1852) in 1983. University College status followed in 1997, and full University title in 2005.

Senior History lecturer Dr Bobby Anderson explained how the student-led project began:
"Our students are very aware of the rich heritage of the Newton Park campus and are fascinated by the experiences of former generations of students. A group of Year 3 History students put forward a project proposal to undertake a comprehensive review of the history of Newton Park as an educational establishment, and I was only too happy to support them."

Dr Anderson explained that while a lot of archive material exists for the students to explore, they were also keen to talk first-hand to anyone who studied or worked at the college before the 1990s. They would like to share their experiences, photographs and other memorabilia that they may have of their time at Newton Park.

If you have any information which would help this exciting new project please email Kate James on: newtonpark.project@gmail.com