Public invited to take part in Bath Spa University multimedia art installation

19 July 2012 11:59:00

Members of the public are invited to take part in a new collaborative art installation called 'Touchpoints'. This multimedia, creative project is being coordinated by international PhD research student and artist Luba Diduch from Bath Spa University. 

To take part participants must first visit a website and choose a persona connected with the history of Corsham Court. They are then asked to submit information about their chosen persona by using written, auditory, videographic or photographic material. They can also contribute by writing a narrative about their persona which could be anecdotes, poems, stories or myths. The information gathered from all the participants will be remixed and displayed at an exhibition at 33 Broad Street in Bath from 23 to 29 July.

As well undertaking a PhD at Bath Spa University, Luba teaches New Media Production and Design at SAIR Polytechnic in Calgary, Canada. She splits her time between Bath and Calgary and often uses distance correspondence, such as Skype tutorials with her PhD supervisors at Bath Spa.

Speaking about the new installation she said: "In the 'Touchpoints' project I am investigating the possibility that within the context of architectural spaces, interactive artworks are enlarged through the architectonic systems that surround them. As part of my research, I have been re-evaluating the totality and finitude of an artwork's interface within new media practice and the capacity for audiences to make extensions to the life of the work."

Anyone can take part in the project by visiting the website The results of the project will displayed at the 'Touchpoints' exhibition, archived and posted online.