International Fees and Finance

To study in the UK you need to have the funding available for your tuition fees and living costs. These pages help you understand the tuition fees, costs and payments. 

  • In the UK, Bachelors (Honours) degrees are three years and Masters' degrees are one year - you save on both tuition and living costs.
  • Bath is comparable in the cost of living to most major UK cities but is cheaper than living in London.
  • The small size of the city makes transportation convenient and more affordable. 
  • Bath Spa University has a generous scholarship programme for international students. 
  • First year international students must pay their deposit in order for their CAS to be issued, and the balance must be paid in full prior to, or at, Registration.

Summary of Tuition Fees - 2017/18

Programme of study

International Fee 2017/18

BA/BSc Degree courses - Band 1

£12,500 **

BA/BSc Degree courses - Band 2


Pre-sessional English Language

Certificate (Standard Band 1)£4,170
Certificate (Standard Band 2)£4,500
Postgraduate Certificate in Education  £12,000
Diploma (Standard Band 1)£8,340
Diploma (Standard Band 2)£9,000
Postgraduate Taught Masters£12,500 - £14,000
Postgradute Research (PhD) ***£12,000 - £15,000

Summary of Tuition Fees - 2016/17

Programme of study  International Fee 2016/17
 Undergraduate  £11,600 per year **

 Postgraduate Taught Masters  £11,600 - £13,860 


 Postgraduate Research***
 (MPhil, PhD)
 £11,600 - £14,415

Placement Fee

 Pre-sessional English Language -  6 weeks 

 Pre-sessional English Language - 12 weeks

For a full list of programmes, download International Students - Course List 2016/17 at Brochures and Forms.
For Study Abroad and Summer Schools package fees, go to the programme pages.
For more information, including UK and EU fees go to Tuition Fees - Undergraduate, or Tuition Fees - Postgraduate
** Subject to annual increase
*** For PG Research, contact 

Scholarships for International Students - 2016/17

Bath Spa University offers a range of scholarship opportunities for high-achieving international students who would gain from studying in the UK. The scholarship programme includes opportunities at pre-sessional, undergraduate and postgraduate level. 
For a full list of scholarships, including terms and conditions, deadlines and how to apply go to International Scholarships

Funding for students from US and Canada - 2016/17

Many of Bath Spa University's North American students are funded through US Federal direct loans or private loans.  
For information for students from the US and Canada go to Federal Aid for US and Canada

Payment of Fees

First year international students are required to pay a tuition fee deposit and then pay the remaining fees in full prior to, or at, Registration. Continuing students can pay fees in instalments with an agreed payment plan.
For more information, including payment due dates go to How to Pay (International Students)

Living Costs

Living costs, sometimes called maintenance, includes; accommodation, food, clothing, books, entertainment and travel in the UK.  As per UK Visas and Immigration, estimated living costs for an international student on a degree course are estimated to be £9,135 per 9-month academic year (£1015 per month), or £12,180 for a full year. These figures are approximate and vary with different lifestyles.

For help with budgeting, the UK Council of International Students support the International Student Calculator.