Classes (modules)

Bath Spa University welcomes students on the Exchange Programme for a semester or full year (depending on approval from your home university).

• At Bath Spa University, classes/courses are called modules. You select a range of modules to suit your learning and interests.
• You study alongside British students, ensuring that you have the opportunity to experience British university life and culture.
• Every student studying at Bath Spa University must complete 60 Bath Spa Credits in a semester (30 ECTS in the European Credit Transfer System).  This will usually meet the minimum requirement of your home university.
• If you study for a full year, you would take 120 UK credits (60 ECTS).
• A full list of modules, including description and assessment is available in our Module Catalogue.
• It is your responsibility to gain pre-approval of courses before coming to Bath Spa University. Your home study abroad team will be happy to provide any information you may need!
• The University’s five schools (or faculties) are: Humanities and Cultural Industries (HCI); Bath School of Art and Design (BSAD); Music and Performing Arts (MPA); Education (SoE); Society, Enterprise and Environment (SEE). Each school has modules available to semester study students.

Choosing your level of study

The British undergraduate degree is three years in total, with a strong focus towards specialised subjects from the beginning. Most students will take modules belonging to one school or faculty and work towards in-depth, specialist study. There is less in-class time than some countries, with more independent study required of students.

UK Level US Level Suitability
Level 4 / Year 1 Modules are suitable for students who have little or no previous knowledge of the subject
Level 5 / Year 2 Modules are suitable for students who have previous study and good knowledge of the subject.  Some modules will require prerequisites
Level 6 / Year 3 Modules are suitable for students with advanced knowledge of the subject and are ready for honours level assessment.  Some modules will require prerequisites.

For students whose first language is not English: All classes are taught and assessed in English and you should consider the English language level. The minimum English Language requirement for students is IELTS 6.0.  
Modules labelled as ‘advanced’ should only be taken by those with English language proficiency equivalent to IELTS 7.0, TOELF ibt 96 or greater.