How to Apply

Entry Requirements

Students should be registered undergraduates at one of our exchange partner institutions (found here) who are in good academic standing and who have a:

  • 3.0 GPA (minimum) or equivalent
  • Copy of current transcript (email copy with application, send official copy to the International Relations Office)
  • Academic Letter of Recommendation (LoR) from a professor- there is a LoR form at the end of the Exchange application
  • Photocopy of photo page of your current Passport
  • Exchange advisor's signature on the  Bath Spa Exchange Application Form 2015-16.pdf

Students should complete the  Bath Spa Exchange Application Form 2015-16-2.pdf as well as the  Bath Spa Exchange Health Form 2015-16-1.pdf and email both complete copies to

Application Due Dates

  • Fall Semester = 1 May
  • Spring Semester = 1 November
  • Late applications may be accepted in certain circumstances, please check with the Exchange Team