Erasmus, Exchange and Summer Schools

Incoming / Visiting Students

  • Are you studying in a university outside of the UK?
  • Do you want to join Bath Spa University as part of your Bachelors or Masters degree?

We would like to welcome you to one of our special programmes:

Study Abroad

You can join Bath Spa University for a half or full year. You will choose a range of classes at Bachelors level and study with regular Bath Spa students and you can transfer credits back to your home institution. You can join the Study Abroad programme if there is no formal Erasmus or exchange agreement. To find out more about Study Abroad and how to apply, go to our Study Abroad webpages.


Bath Spa University has a number of Erasmus exchange agreements with universities throughout the EU. You study for half a year at Bachelors level and your credits are transfered back to your home university. To find out more about Erasmus and how to apply, go to our Erasmus webpages

Other Exchanges

Some departments at Bath Spa University have a number of individual exchange agreements with universities in the EU and the rest of the world. You can study half or a full year, depending on the agreement. To find out more about exchange opportunities, go to our Exchange webpages.

Summer Schools

There will be a brand new Summer School programme for summer 2015.  You will be able to choose from a range of short courses during the summer for extra credits or just for pleasure!  Bath Spa's exciting summer schools build on our renowned academic expertise, specialist facilities and resources, and the beautiful setting or out environment. To find out more, go to the Summer Schools webpages.

Outgoing / Bath Spa Students

If you are a Bath Spa student and want to integrate some overseas study as part of your degree programme, you can choose an outgoing Erasmus or outgoing Exchange programme.

We look forward to helping you with your study abroad experience!

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