The Media Convergence Research Centre currently houses a number of postgraduate students working on a wide range of interdisciplinary PhDs.

Our PhD Community

  • Vasileios Chatzimakris

‘Indeterminate Mix: Exploring Ways of Incorporating Indeterminacy in the Context of Mixed Media Performances’

  • Conor Ogilvie Davidson

‘A Study into Innovation Resistance toward Autonomous Cars in the UK’

  • Louis Ledesve d'Heudiere

‘Spontaneously Realising the Unspontaneous: Developing a Compositional Strategy that Exploits Reduced Exposure between Performers and Scores’

  • Ralf Dorrell

‘Beyond Chord Symbols: An Exploration of Alternative Ways of Integrating the Improvising Soloist into Notated Big Band Jazz Compositions’

  • Ngozi Ejims

‘Evaluating the Impact of Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding in Nigeria's Film Industry’

  • Leah Holmes

‘Reflections of History, Culture and Society in Japanese Animation’

  • Mark Langley

‘Unravelling Cleopatra: Sensationalism and the Collapse of a Studio’

  • Oogoo Maia

‘Embodiment and Vigilance in the Notation, Rehearsal and Performance of Improvised and Indeterminate Music’

  • Amy Mallett

‘Models of compositional approach for contemporary musical theatre: A practice-led study of the artistic and pragmatic constraints faced by the composer-collaborator, and how these shape process and product’

  • James Manning

‘Super Mario (Un)Making: Mapping the Ephemerality of Videogames’

  • Michael Pennington

‘Videogames as a Primary Source: Collective Memory and Representations of Britain and War’

  • Jon Pigott

‘Materials, Systems and Autonomy in Electromechanical Sound Art’

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