All photocopying in the Libraries is undertaken within the terms of various Acts and agreements. The terms and conditions are posted by the photocopiers. The machines are maintained under contract: if you have a problem, suspect a fault with a photocopier or it runs out of paper, inform a member of Library staff at once but do not try to rectify the fault yourself.  Public copying and printing at the University is the responsibility of Computing Services.

Copy/Print cards

All photocopiers in the Libraries use the student smart cards which are issued to you at the start of your course.

  • A4 black and white single-sided pages costs 5p; double-sided copies are 4p per side
  • A3 black and white single-sided pages cost 10p each; double-sided copies 6p per side
  • A4 colour single-sided pages cost 30p each; double-sided copies 20p per side
  • A3 colour single-sided copies cost 42p each; double-sided copies cost 32p per side

Cards can be recharged with £2, £5 or £10, using your credit or debit card on The Hub (follow links to Printing Credits) or with cash using the credit loader machine in the large open access room LY.124 at Newton Park Library.

Acetates (or OHTs)

Only acetate (or overhead transparency, OHT) purchased from the library may be used on the library machines as some types of acetate will cause serious damage to the machine. Always ask a member of Library staff for assistance before using acetates.

Newton Park Library

There are three black and white photocopiers (in the Main Library) and one colour copier (in the Journals Room) which can all produce A4 and A3 copies, enlarge, reduce, do double-sided copies and copy onto acetates.

Sion Hill Library

There are three colour photocopiers in the Library, which can all produce black and white and colour copies on either A4 or A3 and can copy onto acetates. 

Corsham Court

There is one colour photocopier in the library entrance corridor which can produce A4 and A3 copies, enlarge, reduce and do double-sided copies.