30 October 2012 09:45:00

In October 2012, the University opened its first overseas international office.  The Bath Spa University China office is located in the downtown (central) district of Shanghai next to the Shanghai Eastern Normal University. 

As part of the on-going strategy of internationalisation at Bath Spa University, the office will coordinate recruitment activities from Southern and Eastern China and will be managed by the BSU China Office. The office has already developed a network of links with recruitment agencies and counsellors across the country to support the recruitment of international students and enhance the student experience. 

IRO Director Mr Jeremy White added that the 'addition of the BSU China Office in Shanghai indicates a step change in approach to both international recruitment and the internationalisation of the University.  

The office can be contacted at:

BSU China Office
Room 1115,
Sun Building
3553 North Zhongshan Road
P.R. China

P.C: 200062

T: +86 21 52855155