Ian Gadd

Professor in English Literature

CoLA - Culture and Environment

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Personal Statement

President of SHARP ( )
General Editor of The Cambridge Works of Jonathan Swift

Ian specialises in the literature and history of the sixteenth, seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. He considers himself to be both a bibliographer and book historian. He is particularly interested in the ways in which printed texts were produced and circulated, and the economics of the early modern English book trade as well as the critical editing of literary and non-literary works from that period. He also has broader research interests in the cultural history of early modern London.

Ian co-edited Jonathan Swift's _English Political writings, 1711-14_ (Cambridge University Press, 2008) as part of a new critical edition of Swift's complete works; in 2007, he was made Textual Advisor to this project, and in 2009, General Editor. He is co-editing three further volumes in the series.

He edited volume one of a new four-volume _The History of Oxford University Press_, under the general editorship of Professor Simon Eliot, the first three volumes of which were published in November 2013.

His PhD was on the history of the Stationers' Company, and he has written several articles on the Company's activities. He is currently co-editing an edition of a Company record, Liber A, with Peter Blayney.

Between 2008 and 2010 he collaborated with Professor Gabriel Egan on a project to create a Virtual Printing Press: He has published articles on London history and the English book trade, and has co-edited a collection of essays on the important sixteenth-century London figure, John Stow; he has also co-edited two collections of essays on guilds in the early modern period.

As part of the Book, Text and Place 1500-1750 research group at Bath Spa, Ian has co-organised two international conferences, spoken at several international conferences, supervised to successful completion PhD students working on orality, literacy and the early modern stage, and editing early modern plays. Currently, he is supervising a PhD on the writer William Hayley as well as a Creative Writing PhD. He has also established links with ProQuest, Bath Central Library, Bath University Library, the Bodleian Library, the British Library, the Folger Shakespeare Library and the Stationers' Company in order to draw on their collections for research-related teaching.

Ian completed his D.Phil. at Pembroke College, Oxford, in 1999. He was Munby Fellow in Bibliography at the University of Cambridge for 1999-2000 and was a Research Editor for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography at the University of Oxford between 2000 and 2002. He was appointed lecturer at Bath Spa University in 2002.

Ian was awarded a Bath Spa University sabbatical for 2010-2011. From January to August 2011, he was based at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, as the Director of a semester-long seminar on the Stationers' Company, and the Charlton Hinman Research Fellow. He was appointed as Professor in 2011. In 2014 he won the university's Teacher of the Year award, as voted for by the students.

He is Academic Director of GALA (the Global Academy of Liberal Arts) and chair of Commons People, the user group for the Commons building on campus.

2015: Muriel McCarthy Research Fellowship (one month), Marsh’s Library, Dublin Editing Jonathan Swift’s religious writings
2011: Charlton Hinman Research Fellowship, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC
2010-2011: Bath Spa University sabbatical
2008-2009: Katharine F. Pantzer Jr Research Fellowship in the History of the Book, London Bibliographical Society. Project: The Stationers' Company and the Universities, 1580s-1780s
2005: AHRB Research Leave Award. Project: A Critical Edition of Jonathan Swift's Political Writings 1711-14
2003, 2007, 2009: British Academy Overseas Conference Grants

BID SUBMITTED 2015 ‘Conceptions of Copyright, 1695–1801’, with Martin Kretschmer (CREATe, Glasgow) and Giles Bergel (Oxford), AHRC bid
2016–18 (Co-I) Ambient Literature with Jon Dovey (PI, UWE), Kate Pullinger (Bath Spa), Tom Abba (UWE), Matt Hayler (Birmingham University). Funded by AHRC
2011–13 ‘Stationers’ Register Online’, with Giles Bergel, Pip Willcox, and James Cummings (University of Oxford) Digital edition of Edward Arber’s Transcript of the Stationers’ Register. Funded by Lyell Fund.
2008–10 ‘Virtual Printing Press’, with Gabriel Egan (Loughborough University) Online model of a hand-press. JISC pilot funding:
1996–2014 HoBo website, editor Calendar of history of the book lectures, seminars and conferences in UK and Europe. Hosted by Faculty of English, University of Oxford; supported by News International Fund 2001–8.

Academic Qualifications

  • MA Edinburgh
  • M.St. Oxford
  • D.Phil. Oxford

Professional Qualifications

2006 Professional Development Certificate in E-Learning, Netskills, University of Newcastle
2005 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education certification, Bath Spa University
2005 'Rising Star' Teaching Fellow, Bath Spa University
2000 D.Phil, University of Oxford

Membership of Professional Bodies

Ian is an active contributor to the following learned societies and professional bodies:--

The SOCIETY FOR THE HISTORY OF AUTHORSHIP, READING AND PUBLISHING (SHARP) is an international organisation supporting the study of the 'history of the book' with over 1000 members:
* President 2013-
* Vice-President 2009-13
* Recording Secretary 2003-2009
* Member of organising committee, SHARP Annual Conference 2008, Oxford Brookes University
* European Reviews Editor for SHARP News, its quarterly newsletter, 2000-2006

The OXFORD BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, founded in 1922, supports those interested in manuscripts, printed books and the arts and trades connected with them, through lectures, visits and publications:
* Official member of Council 2011-
* Council member 2000-2003
* Webmaster since 2001

He is also a member of the following scholarly organisations: London Bibliographical Society; Cambridge Bibliographical Society; Bibliographical Society of America; Bibliographical Society of Virginia; East-Central American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Teaching Specialism

Early modern English Literature
Early modern English book trade
History of the book
Editorial practice and theory
E-learning and digital humanities

Currently supervising the following PhD projects:
* A digital biography of William Hayley, 1745-1820
* "The Book of Astolat" (Historical Novel), plus "The Call to Adventure: the Twelfth-Century Grail Story's Impact on Contemporary Narratives". [Creative Writing PhD]

Research Publications and Outputs

Number of items: 23.


Gadd, I (2013) History of Oxford University Press, Volume 1: beginnings to 1780. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199557318

Gadd, I (2010) The history of the book in the West: 1455–1700 (Volume II). Ashgate, Farnham. ISBN 9780754627715

Gadd, I and Goldgar, B (2008) Jonathan Swift. English Political Writings 1711-1714: 'The Conduct of the Allies' and other works. The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jonathan Swift, 8 . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9780521829298

Gadd, I and Wallis, P (2006) Guilds and association in Europe, 900-1900. University of London, London. ISBN 9781905165131

Gadd, I and Gillespie, A (2004) John Stow (1525-1605) and the making of the English past: essays in early modern culture and the history of the book. The British Library, London. ISBN 9780712348645

Gadd, I and Wallis, P (2002) Guilds, society and economy in London, 1450-1800. Centre for Metropolitan History in association with Guildhall Library, London. ISBN 9781871348651

Book Chapter or Section

Gadd, I (2016) 'The Stationers’ Company in England before 1710.' In: Alexander, I and Gómez-Arostegui, H.T, eds. Research handbook on the history of copyright law. Research handbooks in intellectual property . Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 81-95. ISBN 9781783472390

Gadd, I (2015) ''A suitable remedy?': regulating the printing press, 1553-1558.' In: Evenden, E and Westbrook, V, eds. Catholic renewal and Protestant resistance in Marian England. Catholic Christendom, 1300–1700 . Ashgate, Aldershot, pp. 127-142. ISBN 9780754661627

Gadd, I (2013) 'The university and the Oxford book trade.' In: Gadd, I, ed. History of Oxford University Press, Volume 1: Beginnings to 1780. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 549-568. ISBN 9780199557318

Gadd, I (2013) 'Leaving the printer to his liberty: Swift and the London book trade, 1701–14.' In: Bullard, P and McLaverty, J, eds. Jonathan Swift and the eighteenth-century book. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781107016262

Gadd, I (2013) '‘At four shillings per year, paying one quarter in hand': reprinting Swift’s Examiner in Dublin, 1710-11.' In: Juhas, K, Real, H. J and Simon, S, eds. Reading Swift: papers from the Sixth Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift. Wilhelm Fink, Munich, pp. 75-94. ISBN 9783770554300

Gadd, I (2013) 'An international press.' In: Gadd, I, ed. History of Oxford University Press, Volume 1: Beginnings to 1780. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 601-626. ISBN 9780199557318

Gadd, I (2013) 'The press and the London book trade.' In: Gadd, I, ed. History of Oxford University Press, Volume 1: Beginnings to 1780. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 569-600. ISBN 9780199557318

Gadd, I and Wallis, P (2008) 'Reaching beyond the City Wall: London guilds and national regulation, 1500–1700.' In: Epstein, S and Prak, M, eds. Guilds, Innovation, and the European Economy 1400–1800. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9780521887175

Gadd, I (2006) 'From printing type to BlackboardTM: teaching the history of the early modern book to literary undergraduates in a ‘new’ UK university.' In: Hawkins, A, ed. Teaching bibliography, textual criticism, and book history. Pickering & Chatto, London; Brookfield, VT. ISBN 9781851968343

Gadd, I and Ferguson, M.G (2004) 'Stow and the Stationers.' In: Gadd, I and Gillespie, A, eds. John Stow (1525-1605) and the making of the English past: essays in early modern culture and the history of the book. British Library, pp. 37-44. ISBN 712348646

Gadd, I (2004) 'Were books different? Locating the Stationers' Company in Civil War London, 1640-1645.' In: Goldgar, A and Frost, R, eds. Institutional Culture in Early Modern Society. Brill, pp. 35-58. ISBN 9004138803

Gadd, I (2002) 'Early printed histories of the London livery companies.' In: Gadd, I and Wallis, P, eds. Guilds, society and economy in London, 1450-1800. Centre for Metropolitan History, pp. 29-50. ISBN 187134865X

Gadd, I (2002) 'Hunting down John Wolfe for the New DNB.' In: Myers, R, Harris, M and Mandelbrote, G, eds. Lives in print: biography and the book trade from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. The British Library, London. ISBN 9780712347969


Gadd, I (2014) 'Jonathan Swift and 'A discourse on hereditary right'.'Notes and Queries, 61 (3). pp. 401-402. ISSN 0029-3970

Gadd, I (2009) 'The use and misuse of 'Early English Books Online'.'Literature Compass, 6 (3). pp. 680-692. ISSN 1741-4113


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Current Scholarship

* Co-editor (with Bertrand Goldgar and Ian Higgins) of Jonathan Swift, _Political Writings 1701-11_ (Cambridge University Press)
* Co-editor (with Ian Higgins) of Jonathan Swift, _Writings on Religion and the Church to 1714_ (Cambridge University Press)
* Co-editor (with Ian Higgins) of Jonathan Swift, _Writings on Religion and the Church from 1714_ (Cambridge University Press)
* Co-editor (with Dr Peter Blayney) of _Liber A_, a key record of the London book trade, to be published by the London Bibliographical Society
* Monograph on the Stationers' Company in the seventeenth century

* Sep 2015 Keynote lecture, Texts in Times of Conflict conference, De Montfort University
* Jul 2015 Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing annual conference, Montreal, Canada
* Nov 2014 Future of Editing seminar, Oxford
* Mar 2014 Digital Resources for the Early Modern Book Trade workshop, Shakespeare Association of America, St Louis
* Mar 2014 Transforming the Early Modern Republic of Letters conference, Oxford
* Sep 2013 EEBO-TCP conference, Oxford
* Dec 2012 Teaching Book History symposium, Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC
* July 2012 Society for Renaissance Studies annual conference, Manchester
* Apr 2012 Presentation at the Stationers' Registers Reunited, Stationers' Hall, London
* Jul 2011 Keynote lecture, Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing annual conference, Washington, D.C.
* Jul 2011 Friends of the Folger Shakespeare Library public lecture, Washington, D.C.
* Jun 2011 Sixth Muenster Symposium on Jonathan Swift, Muenster, Germany
* Feb 2011 History of Material Culture seminar, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

External Examiners

2011-2015 MA in Early Modern English Literature: Text and Transmission, King's College, London

Other External Roles

* President, Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP)
* Member of Advisory Council, Institute of English Studies, London
* General Editor, Cambridge Complete Works of Jonathan Swift, Cambridge University Press
* Member, FutureBBTI working party
* Associate Editor (pre-1640 book trade), Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, (2000-)
* Web-editor, HoBo website, a UK 'history of the book' website supported and hosted by the University of Oxford, (1996-)

* 2013 contributor, Early Modern Digital Agendas NEH summer workshop, Folger Shakespeare Library
* 2011 Seminar Director, 'Stationers' Company and the book trade 1557-1710', Folger Shakespeare Library
* 2010-11: Advisory Board Member, New Oxford Shakespeare
* 2010-13: Member of Peer Review College, Arts and Humanities Research Council
* 2006, 2007, 2014, 2016: Tutor, The Stationers' Company (week-long course), Rare Book School, University of Virginia

Recent Professional Updating

July 2015: Annual SHARP conference, Montreal (speaker and chair)
September 2014: Annual SHARP conference, Antwerp (chair, closing plenary)
September 2013: EEBO-TCP conference, Oxford (keynote)
July 2013: Annual SHARP conference, Philadelphia (chair and organiser, final plenary panel)
December 2012: Teaching Book History symposium, Washington DC (presenting paper)