Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi

Senior Lecturer in English Literature: Literature and Place

CoLA - Culture and Environment

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Location: NP.CM.204

Personal Statement

My main research lies in mid-Victorian women’s writing, especially the work of George Eliot, nineteenth-century feeling, the nature of artistic labour and the history of authorship, with a newly developed interest in literatures of place and south-west literary heritage. I have recently embarked on a new book-length study of the role that British women's travelling and residency in Europe played in the building of artistic communities in the long nineteenth century.

This project grows out of my most recent publications in nineteenth-century women and the professions. This is evident in the anthology "What is a Woman to Do? A Reader on Women, Work, and Art c.1830-1890" and collection of essays "Crafting the Woman Professional: Artistry and Industry in Britain" . These two books try to redefine and enhance our understanding of women’s relationship to work by foregrounding the connections and distinctions between those artistic milieux regarded as high culture (painting, sculpture, literature) and those classed as ‘art industry’—such as pottery-painting, art needlework, or engraving.

My examination of the multivalent character of the female professions builds on my long-term work on authorship which includes, among others, the collection of essays "Authorship in Context: From the Theoretical to the Material" and my forthcoming monograph on George Eliot, the Literary Market-Place and Sympathy, which examines the impact that the shifting character of the mid-Victorian literary market-place had on shaping the communities of professional women writers in relation to and against which Eliot constructed her authorial persona.

I am currently working with Ilfracombe Museum on a public engagement project -- "Science at the Seaside: Pleasure Hunts in North Devon" -- which helps me to further develop my interest in community building through travelling. This project seeks to engage local communities with a neglected aspect of their heritage; namely, the growth of seaside science and environmental tourism in North Devon during the Victorian and Edwardian periods.

The North Devon coast attracted many literary and scientific visitors, local and distinguished, professional and amateur; these included well-known figures such as George Eliot, George Henry Lewes, George Tugwell and Philip Gosse, who explored, collected and displayed scientific specimens, as well as published accounts of their visits. There is a rich history of writing about the North Devon coast, which deserves to be better known as it played an important national role in the growth of Victorian popular science.

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD University of East Anglia
  • MA University of Cardiff
  • BA(Hons) University of Cyprus

Professional Qualifications

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PCAP), University of Exeter, 2012

Advanced International Certificate of Education: Training in School-Based Assessment in English, University of Cambridge, 1999

Membership of Professional Bodies

British Association of Victorian Studies (Member of the Executive Committee: Communications Officer) 2011-15

Higher Education Academy (Fellow) 2012-

Teaching Specialism

My teaching draws heavily on my research in Victorian material and print culture on the basis of which I have been awarded a Bath Spa University Teaching Fellowship in 2015.

I am interested in supervising students in most areas of nineteenth-century literature (particularly women's writing, the literary market-place and related art industries, and female artistic labour) -- as well as projects on literatures of place, south-west writing, and the history of the emotions.

I teach the following modules on the MA Literature, Landscape and Environment:

EN7008: Writing the West Country (module co-ordinator)
EN7009: Dissertation (module co-ordinator)

I teach on the following undergraduate modules:

EN6055: Literary Women, Work and Art: Romantic to Modern (module co-ordinator)
EN6001: The English Project

EN4001: Critical Reading 1
EN4008: Print, Book and Candle
EN4003: Scandal and Sobriety: From the Enlightenment to Victorianism

Research Publications and Outputs

Number of items: 17.


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Book Chapter or Section

Hadjiafxendi, K (2016) 'Science at the seaside: pleasure hunts in Victorian Devon.' In: Allen, N, Groom, N and Smith, J, eds. Coastal works: cultures of the Atlantic edge. Oxford University Press, Oxford. (Forthcoming)

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Hadjiafxendi, K, Hodson, S, Nathwani, A and Plunkett, J (2015) Science at the seaside. Ilfracombe Museum, April 2014 - ongoing. [Exhibition] Please click the title to check availability.

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Current Scholarship


George Eliot, the Literary Market-Place and Sympathy

This book examines Eliot’s strategic use of the philosophical discourse of sympathy in her negotiations with publishers, reviewers and readers in the context of other Victorian writers’ appropriations of Romantic models of authorship.

Edited Collection:
Mind and Word: The Poetries of Melancholia

This collection aims to develop a fuller historical understanding of modernity’s role in the development of melancholia from a medical discourse to a dispositional perspective. Contributors include Ron Levao, Catherine Maxwell, Cornelia Pearsall, Susan Wolfson.


Science at the Seaside: Pleasure Hunts in North Devon. October 2013-January 2015. Fully funded by a FLAG grant. Reported in The Herald and North Devon Gazette.

This project examines the growth of seaside science and environmental tourism in North Devon during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. For more information on the activities, see

Other External Roles


BBC2, Coast. Consultant on cave tourism on Jersey, 2014

Grant Reviewer, British Association for Victorian Studies, 2011-15

Grant Reviewer, Narodowe Centrum Nauki - NCN (National Science Center, Poland), 2014

Reader for Ashgate, Blackwell, Palgrave, Routledge, Journal of Victorian Culture, Australasian Journal of Victorian Studies, MHRA Working, Papers in the Humanities and Modern Language Review, 2007-


“Co-operative Shirtmaking: Edith Simcox, George Eliot and Community Building.” Dress: Art and Industry Workshop.
Tailored Trades: Clothes, Labour and Professional Communities (1880-1939) Network. University of Exeter, 2013

“Negotiating Fame: George Eliot, M. E. Braddon and Mid-Victorian Taxonomies of Feeling.” British Studies
Colloquium, Yale University, 2011

“Mid-Victorian Women Writers and the Romantic Myth of the Gentlemanly Reviewer.” Research Seminar. Department
of English Studies, Princeton University, 2011


“From Embroidery to Taxidermy: A History of Victorian Women’s Handicraft.” Victorian Week. Ilfracombe Museum.
[With Patricia Zakreski], 2014

“Acts of Rewriting: Victorian Women Poets and Salon Culture.” The Global and the Local, NAVSA/BAVS/AVSA
Supernumerary Conference. Venice, Italy, 2013

“Amateurism on Display: Collection and Exhibition in Anna Mary Howitt’s An Art-Student in Munich.” Victorian Value:
Ethics, Economics, Aesthetics, BAVS Conference. Sheffield University, 2012

Recent Professional Updating


£30,703.71 FLAG Grant Science at the Seaside: Pleasure Hunts in North Devon [With University of Exeter and
Ilfracombe Museum], 2013

£3,313.20 HEA Individual Teaching Grant, 2012

£2,375 British Academy Small Research Grant, 2011


Organiser. Curious Ilfracombe in 20 Objects Symposium. Landmark Theatre, Ilfracombe [With John Plunkett et al.], 2014

Curator. Seaside Collecting Exhibition. Ilfracombe Museum [With Sara Hodson, Anita Nathwani and John Plunkett], 2014

Organiser. Poetry and Melancholia Conference. University of Stirling [With David Miller], 2011