Peter Etchells

Senior Lecturer in Biological Psychology

CoLA - Culture and Environment

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Telephone: +441225876262

Location: NP.SN.105


Personal Statement

My current research interests lie in understanding the short- and long-term behavioural effects of playing video games. I'm also interested in the interaction between scientists and the media, and particularly how scientific research (for example, about video games) gets picked up in the mainstream news. I coordinate the science blogs network for the Guardian, where I also write the psychology blog Head Quarters.

Previously, I received a first-class BSc in Psychology from Bristol in 2006, followed by a Masters in Research Methods the year after. The dissertations for both of these degrees looked at how motion information is (or isn't) used during visual search. I completed a PhD in 2011 under the supervision of Dr Chris Benton, Professor Iain Gilchrist and Dr Casimir Ludwig. My thesis looked at how the human visual system uses velocity information about a moving target when generating orienting saccadic eye movements. Following that, I worked as a post-doctoral research assistant in the Bristol Vision Institution Motion Laboratory (M-Lab) with Professor Ian Penton-Voak, Dr Andrew Clark and Dr Jeremy Burn. The project looked at biomechanical, social and evolutionary factors that underpin the perception of attractiveness and personality in human gait.

Academic Qualifications

  • BSc(Hons) University of Bristol
  • MSc University of Bristol
  • PhD University of Bristol

Professional Qualifications

Fellow, HEA

Membership of Professional Bodies

Member, Association of British Science Writers
Life member, Applied Vision Association

Teaching Specialism

Biological Psychology
Science communication/science writing

Research Publications and Outputs

Number of items: 13.


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Etchells, P.J, Scott-Samuel, N and Leonards, U (2006) 'Is visual search more efficient in dynamic environments?'Perception, 35. p. 64. ISSN 1468-4233

Conference or Workshop Item

Etchells, P.J (2014) How to build your profile as a scientist? In: SpotOn London 2014, 14-15 November 2014, Wellcome Trust, London.


Etchells, P.J (2009) Etchells on McCloskey: visual reflections: a perceptual deficit and its implications [book review].Perception, 38 (9). pp. 1420-1421. ISSN 1468-4233

Meese, T and Etchells, P.J (2007) Meese/Etchells on Snowden, Thompson, Troscianko: Basic vision: an introduction to visual perception [book review].Perception, 36 (1). pp. 161-162. ISSN 1468-4233

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Other External Roles

Associate Editor for AIMS Neuroscience
Associate Editor for BMC Psychology
Science blogger for the Guardian
Science blogs network coordinator for the Guardian