Professorial Lecture Series

To celebrate and share the expertise of our new and established Professors, we invite you to attend Bath Spa’s new Professorial Lecture Series. Each lecture is free and open to everyone – staff, students and members of the public.

Upcoming lectures

 Maggie Gee - "Empathy at Work"; Wednesday 1st February, 18:00 - 20:00

How does empathy help us to write and to work? Professor Maggie Gee chairs a panel discussion by members of the CoLA cross-disciplinary 'Empathy and Writing' group.

In October 2013 a seminal paper in Science by David Comer Kidd and Emanuele Castano reported experiments showing that reading fiction increased 'Theory of Mind' - the ability to understand the world from another person's different point of view, which we might also call empathy. The German origin word 'einfühlung', translated as 'feeling into', sounds very like what happened when a novelist, playwright or screenwriter invents a character, or when a medical doctor hears, and tries to make sense of, a patient's story. How do different professions use empathy? How does it help, and are their limits to its usefulness? Professor Bambo Soyinka talks about empathy in scriptwriting and interactive narrative, neuroscientist Dr Alison Lee talks about empathy and the brain, novelist Emma Geen talks about the origins of empathy in aesthetic theory, and neurologist and writer Dr Omar Al Khayatt talks about the uses and limitations of empathy in medicine.

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Past Lectures

Whenever posible we try to record our Professorial Lectures for posterity. We then make them available on this website for you to enjoy.