Data Protection Policy

These documents are definitive!

Bath Spa University is a "Data Controller" under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. All employees and students are "Data Subjects" within the Act, and are bound to observe the rights of others by its provisions. The BSU registration, which lists the data that we "process" and the purposes for which we process it, may be found amongst other useful links on the Information Commissioner's website.

The pages in this section describe the policies and procedures the University has adopted to meet its responsibilities under the Act.


Contact Details

Queries about the operation of the scheme or BSU's compliance with the Data Protection Act should be made to:

Dave Hassall,
Data Protection Officer,
Bath Spa University,
Newton Park Campus,
Newton St. Loe,
Bath, BA2 9BN.

Queries about our Freedom Of Information Policy publication scheme and requests for information under the FoI are addressed separately.