CCCI Events

The Centre co-hosts, sponsors and supports research conferences and symposiums at Bath Spa University.

If you are planning a conference or symposium that you think comes under the umbrella of research in the cultural and creative industries and you would like the Centre to become involved in supporting it in some way, please email: CCCI@bathspa.ac.uk.

Past events

One Thousand Mindreaders: Interdisciplinarity and Creative Research

Co-hosted by CCCI and the Empathy Research Group, this session featured One Thousand Mindreaders, a year-long collaborative artwork during which artist, performer, and creative technologist Stuart Nolan will train one thousand new mindreaders.

Through empathic touch and sensing the small subconscious movements of another person's hands, individuals will be able to ‘muscle read’ and recreate drawings that someone else is merely thinking of and find objects they have hidden. This workshop functioned as a way to both network and find new ways of thinking about interdisciplinarity, empathy and creative research. 


Second Ambient Literature symposium

Co-hosted by the Making Books Research Centre. Reading the Data brought together a diverse set of speakers – Dan Franklin (Pottermore), Claire Squires (Stirling Uni), and Søren Pold (Aarhus Uni, Denmark) – to address how data links the production and consumption of literature in new and often unexpected ways, changing how we think about the status of reading in contemporary culture today.

Creative methodologies workshop: exploring practise-based research

Dr. Yiota Demetriou (BSU, Bristol Uni) and Dr. Paul Geary (University of Birmingham) co-led this workshop drawing from their experience as artists and academics. The session mapped out practical strategies for tackling the complexities, idiosyncrasies, and particularities of researching through creative means, whether through writing, performing or designing.

Seeing Sound: visual music symposium

Seeing Sound is an informal practice-led symposium exploring multimedia work which foregrounds the relationship between sound and image. It explores areas such as visual music, abstract cinema, experimental animation, audiovisual performance and installation practice through paper sessions, screenings, performances,

For more information: http://www.seeingsound.co.uk/.

The Digital Humanities Travelling Roadshow

The Making Books Research Centre hosted the Digital Humanities Travelling Roadshow, it comprised of demonstrations, workshops and a public performance by theatre group Zoo Indigo.

This is a AHRC-funded collaboration between Professor Gabriel Egan (Director, Centre for Textual Studies, De Montfort University) and the universities of Oxford, Leeds, Strathclyde, Liverpool John Moores, and Bath Spa.

Transmedia UK: Sector by Sector

Transmedia UK: Sector by Sector begins to map the ways in which different UK media sectors are now responding to ideas, concepts and pressures of transmediality. This academic-industry workshop aims to identify the strategies and principles that now make up the transmedia practices in and across online gaming, publishing, mobile media, digital marketing and beyond, examining which practices operate across these various sectors while exploring what it means to distinguish between storytelling, publishing, interactivity and marketing in today's transmedia environment.

Filming African Music - an interdisciplinary study day

This interdisciplinary study day is a partnership between Bath Spa University, the African Musics Study Group UK branch (AMSG-UK), affiliated to the International Council for Traditional Music, the Afrika Eye Film Festival, Bristol, and the British Forum for Ethnomusicology. The event intersects with research, exposing the multiple challenges presented by video documentation of African music, including the contexts in which they perform, both in their own cultural settings and around the world, and the range of approaches to film, from indigenous and traditional settings to contemporary popular musical forms. It brings together academics, performers, filmmakers and videographers and includes a MediaWall commission and an evening concert in the Michael Tippett Centre.

Elastic Spaces - Third International Symposium

This is the third meeting from the international partnership project Elastic 3D Spaces, with Concordia University. The purpose of the symposium is the share practices from people already in the project and expand awareness and participation to other BSU colleagues and additional external colleagues. The event will run over 3 days including presentations and workshops.

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