Welcome to the Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries blog. Read on for our first post, an update on Centre activity, from CCCI Director, Prof Kate Pullinger.

To celebrate the launch of the Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries on Thursday 7 December, we were proud to host a reception featuring an inaugural annual lecture by Sir Peter Bazalgette on ‘Creative Industries 3.0’. In addition to a long career in television, Peter Bazalgette was the Chairman of Arts Council England (2012-2017) and is currently Executive Chair of ITV. 

Sir Peter’s lecture was wide-ranging and compelling. In an introductory format, he first talked about the origins of the idea of ‘the creative industries’. Developed by Labour arts minister Chris Smith and film producer David Puttnam (one of Bath Spa’s honorands and a frequent visitor to our campus) as a way of demonstrating to the government how the arts can contribute throughout society, the creative industries now generates more than £93b annually for the UK economy. This provided segue into Sir Peter’s concept of the empathic citizen, and the importance of empathy to civil society. He also highlighted how the arts are a key part of how we learn to empathise with other people, and this was only one aspect of his viewpoint that was further highlighted in a short video taken on the day by some of our third year media production students from ArtsworkMedia.

To bolster the success of our launch, in 2017 we also participated in a number of events and funding bids that will ensure our continued growth into 2018 and beyond. Notable to this work is the completion of two bid applications, one to the HEFCE-HEIF Connecting Capabilities Fund - where we partnered with Falmouth, Plymouth and UWE, as well as the Watershed in Bristol, Kaleider in Exeter, and RIO in Plymouth – and a second to the AHRC Creative Economy Clusters bid, where we joined into a consortium with other universities, such as Bath, Bristol and UWE, and a second additional partnership with the Watershed. These are both creative industry bids, and if successful, should provide research, enterprise and industry opportunities for the entire region. The outcome of these applications will be forthcoming in 2018.  

In order to complement these funding drives and to increase our engagement with the Creative Industry community, in 2017 we also provided support and participated in a number of local conferences and events. We sent seven colleagues to the Playable Cities symposium in Bristol, as well as provided support to the Elastic Spaces symposium and the Filming African Music conference. We also co-hosted Transmedia UK: Sector by Sector with the Media Convergence Research Centre and hosted an Ambient Literature symposium, Reading the Data, with the Making Books Research Centre.

Looking to the future of the Centre, in January 2018 Dr. Yiota Demetriou (BSU) and Dr. Paul Geary (University of Birmingham) co-led Creative Methodologies: Exploring Practise Based Research - a workshop drawing from their experience as artists and academics. This session mapped out practical strategies for tackling the complexities, idiosyncrasies, and particularities of researching through creative means, whether through writing, performing or designing.

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