CRESL Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (TAPS) Project

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The focus for our work with the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) is the development of an approach to teacher assessment in science to meet the requirements of the revised national curriculum in England, and to define ‘best practice’ across the UK.  We are working with local project schools and Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) schools across the UK, together with drawing upon previous projects (Improving Science Together) and the Primary Science Teacher College. We aim to develop support for a valid, reliable and manageable system of science assessment which will have a positive impact on children’s learning.

The TAPS pyramid is now online at:

The research team have published a report detailing current practice and a school self evaluation pyramid model. This report is available in 3 versions below: full, executive summary and teacher summary. The latter has been updated.
Davies, D., Collier, C., Earle, S., Howe, A. and McMahon, K. (2014) Approaches to Science Assessment in English Primary Schools. Bristol: Primary Science Teaching Trust.
Approaches to Science Assessment Teacher summary UPDATED March 2015:  TAPS teacher summary March15.pdf 
Pyramid model for photocopying:  Black and white pyramid March15.pdf 
Approaches to Science Assessment Full report Oct 2014: ASAEPS full FINAL.pdf 
Approaches to Science Assessment Executive summary Oct 2014: ASAEPS exec FINAL.pdf 

Further case studies from PSTT college fellow schools can be found as an 'unlocked' article at the Association for Science Education website here:
Earle, S. (2015) An exploration of whole school assessment systems, Primary Science 136: 20-22

During 2015 there is also FREE ACCESS to the research article describing evidence from PSQM:
Earle, S. (2014) Formative and summative assessment of science in English primary schools: evidence from the Primary Science Quality Mark, Research in Science and Technological Education, 32(2): 216-228

We are currently working on exemplification and updating of focused assessments. For the original focused assessments see the PSTT website.

For further information please contact: or follow @PriSciEarle

A selection of materials from cluster days with local TAPS schools: