Creative Computing Courses

Now, Bath Spa University has entered the technology sector with the creation of two new courses: the BSc in Creative Computing and the Integrated Masters in Creative Technologies and Enterprise. These courses capture the spirit of creativity that informs the culture at Bath Spa, but introduce aspects of Computer Science and Engineering into the University for the first time.more

These new courses are all about exploiting the inherent creative potential of digital technologies. We believe it is important that we meet the needs of the technology sector by producing well-rounded graduates who have both the computing skills and the creative flair necessary to make an excellent contribution to the digital economy.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Christina Slade

This initiative is well positioned to lay down a new model of higher education in the South West of England

Rod Halstead, Managing Director of CISCO

The academic and commercial outcomes of these courses will promote employment and global digital citizenship thus reflecting the very best alignment between education and industry.

Phil Dawson, CEO, Skyscape Cloud Services

Creative Computing (BSc)

Creative Computing is about improving the ways in which computers serve human needs. Creative Computing has come about because creative problems such as ‘big data’, transdisciplinary collaboration, are generally too complex for humans to solve without tools. Computing provides the link between the many disciplines that must be involved in order to address these complex problems. It is therefore a highly transdisciplinary field. The course is co-designed with enterprise partners from the digital technology sector and offers a solid basis in those skills identified as most “in demand”.

There are three pathways for this subject:

Creative Technologies and Enterprise (BSc)

This three year undergraduate degree in Creative Technologies and Enterprise (CTE) involves constant interaction with cutting-edge ideas, interesting people and new technologies. It combines creativity, entrepreneurial skills and technological knowledge to produce well-rounded and highly skilled graduates. The course is co-designed with industry partners and includes paid placements throughout, both at home and abroad.


Creative Technologies and Enterprise (4 year integrated MSc)

The aim of the Integrated MSc in Creative Technologies and Enterprise (CTE) is to produce creative entrepreneurial graduates with a well-rounded appreciation of the significant business and social potential offered by digital technologies and their personal responsibilities as knowledgeable cyber citizens. These graduates will acquire the skills to enable digital entrepreneurship, a full understanding of the breadth of available opportunities and a firm grasp of human motivations and their impact on digital technologies.


Creative Technologies and Enterprise (MSc)

The MSc in Creative Technologies and Enterprise (MSc) is designed for people who already have a grounding in computing and business skills (whether through study or experience), and are seeking to develop their creative and research abilities in order to adapt to the digital economy or prepare themselves for future research in this field. Future industries depend upon people who are equipped with creative ideas, entrepreneurial skills and technological knowledge. Studying Creative Technology and Enterprise will prepare you for a rapidly-changing global digital economy in which your ability to adapt on-the-fly and make creative contributions will be your major resource.