Job ShopSurvey 2012 Results

Jul 19 2012 12:49 PM

In order to meet the needs of local employers and also to ensure that Bath Spa University offers the best service to students, the Job Shop - the University's in-house recruitment service for students - carries out a survey each year.

Headlines for 2012 include:

  • 74% of our students aim to work part-time during term-time
  • 85% of our first year undergraduates use the Job Shop to seek part time work in Bath or the local area
  • 94% of students read our email alerts which regularly promote jobs
  • Of the 2585 paid part-time jobs advertised in 2011/12, 64% of these jobs were degree-related

Students were asked to reflect on how their part time or vacation job has helped them to prepare for their future employment prospects. Responses included:

  • "Brilliantly, helped boost my skills and knowledge of working environments and will boost my CV well."
  • "Some of the jobs I have done have given me more opportunities to gain experiences that have a direct impact on my future career." 
  • "It demonstrates you're employable and can balance work and study commitments."

Student feedback was also sought on CareerHub, an online career management portal on which opportunities are promoted. Amongst the largely positive feedback, one respondent commented: "It is incredibly easy to browse through the jobs which match my preferences and skills".