Fees and funding for international students

Find out how much our courses cost, how to pay fees and what funding is available when you study with us.

All payments should be made in £ sterling and the easiest way to make a payment is via Flywire.

For other international payment methods please see how to pay. Please note that we will never send an email with a direct payment link for international payment methods.

Whichever payment method you use, you can pay the full amount for the upcoming year in one online payment.

The due date for payment in full is before registration or by 25 September.

Frequently asked questions

How much are tuition fees?

Tuition fees are chargeable for the academic period required by the programme, with annual amounts charged for each academic year of the programme unless otherwise stated.

Tuition fees are expected to rise by a modest amount each year for the duration of study; this is to take inflationary pressures into account.

How much is my deposit and when do I need to pay?

If you receive an offer of a place on a full-time programme, you'll need to pay a tuition fee deposit to confirm your place.

The deposit must be paid by 31 July for those students commencing courses in September and by 30 November for those starting courses in February.

The deposit amount for 2018/19 entry is £3,000, however you can pay any amount above this. Please ensure you quote your six-digit student ID with any payment.

Any deposit or advance payment made will be allocated against your student account, ready for when you commence your course.

For more information on the tuition fee deposit, please visit our Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS) page.

Can I make early payments?

If you're a first year international student, you're required to pay the tuition fee in full prior to commencing your course. The tuition fee must be paid in full by 20 September for students commencing courses in September and by 31 January for those courses starting in February.

Bath Spa University has partnered with Flywire to provide an easy and secure international payment method (see International payment methods for further information).

We strongly advise that you do not carry large sums of cash with you, and cash payment (for payment of fees) is limited to a maximum of £500 per term.

When should I pay for tuition and accommodation?

Tuition fee payment is required in full before you commence your course. For how to pay your fees please see International payment methods.

If you're residing in Bath Spa University halls of residence, you can also pay in advance, or we allow instalments for payment of accommodation fees.

We offer three instalment dates throughout the academic year. See Instalment options.

Are scholarships and additional funding options available for international students?

International students looking for funding, scholarships or other financial assistance towards covering fees and living costs should start thinking about how to fund their studies as early as possible.

For more details, see our funding pages for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

See also our available scholarships and additional funding options.

How do I open a UK bank account?

International students should open a UK bank account as soon as possible after arrival.

If you are an International student, you'll be asked to provide documentary evidence of your status in the UK in order to open a bank account. Once you've enrolled on your course, you can request this letter by emailing mycourse@bathspa.ac.uk from your University email account, or visiting the Student Information Desk with a form of photo ID.

Our budgeting in Bath guide includes a section on finding the best bank account for you. We also recommend that you read the UK Council for International Students' (UKCISA) guide to opening a UK bank account.

Contact us

If you have any questions that we haven't answered on this page, please email myfinance@bathspa.ac.uk for further help.

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