Clearing at Bath Spa University

Clearing Update – 12:00pm, Monday 18 August 2014

The University has re-opened Clearing for BA (Hons) Three Dimensional (3D) Design: Idea Material Object.

UCAS Clearing 2014

Clearing is a process universities go through to fill any places still available on courses following the publication of exam results.

You can check if you are eligible to apply via Clearing by checking the Bath Spa University UCAS websites. If you would like to apply to Bath Spa via Clearing, please pick up the phone and call us on:

01225 876180

When you get in touch, please remember to inform us of the grades you achieved for qualifications in both school years 12 and 13. For instance, include any AS levels that you did not continue to A level or a BTEC Subsidiary Diploma.

Please ensure you have your reference confirmed. You can apply via UCAS without one, but we will not be able to confirm your place until we have received it which may delay your finance and accommodation applications.

If you decide you want to apply for a place via Clearing you can do this through UCAS Track

International applicants only

If you are an overseas applicant please see the clearing listing on the UCAS website.

Clearing course list

The University has re-opened Clearing for BA (Hons) Three Dimensional (3D) Design: Idea Material Object.

Unique Clearing Opportunity - Three Dimensional Design: Idea Material Object

Bath Spa University is offering a unique opportunity in clearing. Three Dimensional Design: Idea Material Object (IMO), is an experimental design programme that seeks to explore ideas through objects, spaces and experiences.

Thinking about IMO?

We look for motivated students who want to draw on their current interests and pursue a creative career. At this stage, you do not need to know exactly what you would like to do or how you fit into the ever-changing world of design; the 3 year programme is designed to find those answers.

Bird box


Your projects will include everything from furniture or objects, to large scale installations to jewellery. Over the three-year programme, students hone their design process and develop the skills to turn abstract ideas into physical outcomes.Our comprehensive range of workshops, provides a vibrant environment where students can develop their personal design process with an emphasis on the act of making as a means to realise ideas.

A strong professional grounding underpins the programme with live projects, internships and public exhibitions, taught by a team who are currently active and working in the creative industries. Last year, amongst other public projects, we designed clothes rails for ASOS new headquarters.

With this course you can become; a designer-maker, artist, in-house designer, gallery owner, curator, entrepreneur, critic and equipped to create new undefined possibilities. Our strong connections with professionals across the design sector and opportunities to exhibit, help graduates shape their individual career paths ready to enter the ever-changing world of design.

Entry requirements

IMO is a course for ambitious students who are driven to experiment, to question, to adventure, to blur, to break and to reinvent. Although many students are aged 19-24 and come from a foundation programme, we value the life experience and diversity of applicants from other age groups and backgrounds. We are looking for motivated students, fascinated by the visual and material world, keen to work hard and be challenged. All enquiring minds apply.


Clearing Top Tips

We hope that you get the results you want so that you get your university place but if you don’t then please don’t worry as you can still bag a place through Clearing.

Here are our top tips:

  • GET COMFORTABLE! Make sure that you have a good place to do your internet research and that your mobile phone is charged and topped up.
  • START EARLY. Check UCAS track once you have your results as this will tell you whether or not you have your place. If you didn’t get your firm choice then you may still have got your insurance choice.
  • ARE YOU IN CLEARING? If you did not get your firm or insurance place then UCAS track will tell you that you are eligible for Clearing. Click on ‘Choices’ and ‘Add Clearing Choice’ and you will then be provided with a Clearing number so make a note of this and keep it with your UCAS personal ID number.
  • BROWSE COURSES. While you are on the UCAS website, browse courses that you may be interested in – you may need to be flexible. For example, you may have wanted to study a subject that isn’t available on its own but is available in a combination with another subject. You may find something exciting that you hadn’t considered before!
  • PICK UP THE PHONE. Check university websites as well as the UCAS website. Browse through as many courses and call as many universities as you want - it is important for you that you make the right choice.
  • HOW ABOUT BATH SPA UNIVERSITY? After reading these tips, take a look at the list of courses (link to clearing course list) we have available here at BSU. If something catches your eye, click on the link and read about the course and our entry requirements and if it is something you would like to do, give us a call on 01225 876180.
  • BE PREPARED. You will be asked for your name, UCAS personal ID number, your Clearing number and your results, so please have all of this information ready as well as the best contact telephone number for you for that day. It is usually best if you call universities yourself – you may be feeling upset about your grades but it will cheer you up to be doing something positive, and admissions teams will love to hear from you rather than your parent or advisor!
  • KEEP TRYING. When you make your call to a university, please bear in mind that there will be lots of other students also getting in touch - it may be nice to know that you will not be alone, but please remember that this will mean that telephone lines will be busy so please keep trying!
  • BE AVAILABLE. At BSU, once we have taken your details and have given you an indication of whether or not we will be able to accept you, you will have until later that day to consider your options before UCAS Track is open for Clearing and after that time you can refer yourself to us. Our Admissions team will then check your application and confirm your place. Depending on the course, universities may need you to come for an interview or audition at short notice, so please make sure that you are available for the period around results time. You may also be asked to scan or photograph and then email your results to universities so be prepared for this.
  • TALK TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Once you are happy with your options, do have a good think and talk things through with your loved ones. It may help you to discuss what you are feeling but remember that only you can decide what is right and what will work best for you. You may want to visit the universities you are considering before making up your mind. Here at BSU, we have a Clearing Campus Visit Day (see below) to welcome you to our beautiful campus. If you aren’t able to come to see us, our website will hopefully give you a taste of BSU life.
  • DECIDE! Once you have made your decision, go onto UCAS track and enter the university and the course you discussed with the admissions team. They will be looking out for you on UCAS Track ready to confirm the acceptance. Please do make sure that you speak to universities before you enter the details of the course on UCAS Track. If a university isn’t able to accept you, then your ‘Add Clearing Choice’ button will be re-activated on UCAS track so that you can keep looking for a place.
  • GOOD LUCK. Lastly, remember that some things in life happen for a reason so it may be that even though all this seems very scary now, what you choose to do through Clearing may turn out to be better than what you originally chose all those months ago! Keep your nerve and good luck!

Open Day experience

For an informal look around Bath Spa University, attend our Guided Campus Tour at Newton Park Campus on Friday 15 August. It's an opportunity to have a guided tour of the campus and accommodation (both on and off-site). Although academic staff are not present during this event, we will have representatives from Student Housing, Employability and Student Services. Our Student Ambassadors are also available to give you a real insight into what studying at Bath Spa University is really like.

If you're unable to make this event, our Newton Park Campus operates an Open Campus Policy and welcomes visitors Monday to Friday between 09:00h and 17:00h. Please email for more information.

Watch this video to experience our Open Days. 

Help - what to do if....

I’ve already applied to Bath Spa, but want to change to a different course.

That’s ok. As long as there are places available and you are eligible. You don’t need to do this through Clearing, just email to explain what course you want to change to and we will look into it.

Bath Spa is my insurance choice and UCAS have let me know I’ve been accepted. Should I call?

No, if UCAS have confirmed your acceptance you should wait and we will send you information about registration and enrolment. If you have any concerns you can email

I’ve been accepted through Clearing and now need somewhere to live.

Contact our Student Housing team by emailing and they will be able to let you know what accommodation is available. Please be aware that accommodation is allocated in the first instance to those students who confirm Bath Spa as their first choice. Visit our accommodation advice section for further information (link to housing section)

I want to apply for a place with a deferred start date.

You can’t apply through Clearing for a place with a deferred start date, but if you email we may be able to make an amendment for you.

I think I’ve missed the Clearing deadline!

Don’t panic! Officially, UCAS close their Clearing vacancy service at the end of September although institutions can still make Clearing decisions until October. However, Clearing really finishes when institutions have filled their places, so pick up the phone to check!


Once you get your results, Adjustment is a period of five days that allows you to change your decision to a course and/or institution that has higher entry requirements. If you have achieved higher grades than you were predicted, you can use the Adjustment period to consider whether you want to change your course or institution.

This is an important decision, so you should think carefully and consider the following:

  • Any contracts you may have signed for accommodation at your current institution.
  • You will need to amend your Local Authority/Student Loan Company application, which may delay your payment.
  • Your reasons for choosing your first choice institution.
  • The possibility that there may be no accommodation available at the new institution.
  • If you decide to Adjust, but then change your mind, it is unlikely that your original place would still be available and you would also have lost your accommodation.
  • Once you have registered for Adjustment, your current institution will be able to see this status change.

Adjustment is available from 14 to 31 August 2014, but you have a maximum of five calendar days to register and secure an alternative course. You can apply via UCAS Track

More information about Adjustment is available on the UCAS website

Here at Bath Spa we have a dedicated team for Adjustment queries. You can speak to a member of the team by calling: 01225 876180. You should explain you are calling about Adjustment and have your UCAS personal ID ready.

If you are accepted for Adjustment by Bath Spa, we will send you an email with all the details. You will need to respond to this email accepting the offer before we can confirm with UCAS Track that you have secured a place.


If you apply to Bath Spa University through clearing, we cannot guarantee you a hall of residence place as we prioritise these to first year students who have made us their firm choice. There is a chance that accommodation could become available to you, but any offer is likely to be last minute and cannot be guaranteed before the start of term.

The Student Housing service is ready to help students seeking accommodation and over the years have developed an effective house hunting guidance service. The team comprises of knowledgeable staff that have experienced student house hunting first hand.

Once your place through Clearing is confirmed and you know you are coming to Bath Spa University, please email to find out what you need to do next.

Title your email Clearing Housing Advice and make sure you provide us the following details:

  • Your name
  • UCAS personal
  • ID number
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Contact telephone numbers

Week commencing 18th August we will send out housing advice to everyone who has contacted us by email. Due to the extremely high demand for halls of residence, it is unlikely that we will be able to offer this type of accommodation. However, we will provide helpful information and advice about finding accommodation in Bath.

We are also able to provide you with access to local available properties and rooms via our website Bath Spa Studentpad has a forum with message boards, where you can meet other students looking to house share in Bath.

Finance - Student Loans and Grants

Still to apply for Student Finance?

For those of you who haven’t already applied for Student Finance, please do so as soon as possible by visiting the appropriate Student Finance website.

To begin a brand new application, your funding body will help you navigate your finances and make sure you get some of your loan in time for the beginning of your course.

In England, that’s Student Finance England, in Northern Ireland Student Finance NI, in Scotland the Student Awards Agency for Scotland and in Wales Student Finance Wales

Already applied for student finance?

If you have already applied for a loan but have decided to go through the Clearing process then your application details will need to be changed. If you’re funded by Student Finance England, this can be done easily and quickly online by logging into your student account, or by contacting the relevant funder if you live elsewhere.

Full-time students can make changes to their course, college or university details online. To make a change log into your online studentfinance account then My Account >Make changes to my 14/15 application>Change your course.

Finance question?

SF will be holding dedicated ‘Clearing Clinics’ on facebook ( and on The Student Room to support students who have any questions about their student finance applications. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
( for more information. Visit the SF Clearing webpage and download the student finance clearing leaflet. Alternatively, get in touch with the Bath Spa Finance department - contact details can be found below.

Bath Spa finance team

Get in touch with our Finance team if you have any queries regarding fees and finance. We provide all students with a named contact, although any of the team will be happy to assist you. Our personal Finance contacts relate alphabetically to student surname. 

Student surname beginning A - K, phone Lorraine on 01225 875562
Student surname beginning L - P, phone Lynda on 01225 875731
Student surname beginning Q - Z, phone Jenny on 01225 875441

All telephones have a voicemail service. Please leave a message if your named contact is busy and someone will return your call as soon as possible. Alternatively try another phone line as you can speak to any of us on the numbers above. To contact by email the address is

Bursaries and Scholarships

It's not too late to be awarded a Bursary or Scholarship.

You may be eligible for a National Scholarship Programme (NSP) Award of £2,000 or a Bath Spa Bursary of up to £500. To be considered for these awards your residue household income must be £25,000 or below. We will be allocating NSP awards in October and bursaries are automatically awarded when your Student Finance details come through to us.

For further details regarding eligibility and payments please see our webpages regarding National Scholarship Award and Bath Spa Bursary.

Contact us

If we haven’t answered your question about Clearing in these pages, please get in touch. 

Admissions and Adjustment

t: 01225 876180

PGCE Enquiries

t: 01225 875875





Social Media

Keep up to date by following us online @BathSpaWelcome and connect using #BSUclearing.