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Information on halls of residence and other student accommodation can be found on the Student Housing Services website.

Accreditation of Prior Learning (Experiential and/or Certificated) 

Full information on our policy can be found on the Registry website, under 'Policies'.

Admissions Policy 

Our Admissions Policy document can be found here Admissions Policy


Our Admissions Appeals Policy document can be found here Admissions Appeals Policy


The following sections of your application are really important and are considered first by admissions staff during the decision-making process:

  • Qualifications completed or certificated - please ensure that you complete this section, including GCSEs. Do not confuse AS levels with A levels in this section.

  • Qualifications not yet completed or certificated - staff need to know which subject and level you are currently studying. Please note that if you are re-sitting GCSEs or any other qualification, or are taking musical instrument grades etc., please ensure that this is present in this section.

  • Personal statement - this should be relevant to the course for which you are applying and should allow you to shine as a well-rounded individual.

  • Ensure that you check your application for spelling or grammatical errors before you send it.

  • Reference and predicted grades - your predicted grades act as a guide to admissions staff as to what you are capable of achieving but even if these are lower than we require, if we have places we may still be able to offer you a conditional place and it would then be your decision whether or not to accept that offer. It is also important that your reference is relevant and positive, again, allowing you to shine.

  • Other sections - it is obviously important that your application is completed fully, so please double check that all fields are completed correctly before you send it.

Auditions and Interviews

Please see our After Applying page for more information. Please, however, be aware that we do not send letters inviting you to attend an interview or audition, we would always communicate this to you by email (if you have not provided an email address on your UCAS application we will get in touch with you). Please, therefore, always check your junk mail box in case our email has gone there by mistake! Do also check UCAS Track as this will display the date of your interview or audition.

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Changes to the course after application

You would be contacted as soon as the change is confirmed and offered an alternative course, if appropriate. If there is not an obvious alternative course, applicants would have the chance to be considered for a course of their choice. They would be sent a UCAS document to complete and return to us and we would then action it immediately.

We occasionally find that even if we are not able to make an offer to an applicant for the course for which they have applied, there is an alternative course that we may be able to offer them instead. We would make contact with the applicant to explain this prior to an alternative course offer being made or a rejection being entered.


Each year we advertise courses that will appear in Clearing both on our website and in the press. Clearing enquiries should be made by telephone in the first instance to 01225 875875. You will speak to one of our advisors who will take your details, including your UCAS personal ID number, qualification subjects and results. If we are able to accept you we will provide you with instructions on what you need to do in order to secure your place with us.


Information on Bath Spa University's general complaints procedure can be found here.

Contextual Data

Contextual data on a UCAS application form is not taken into account in our offer making process.


Information can be found on our courses webpages. Please also be aware that some of our Schools have their own websites and these can be found either at the top or among the links on the left hand side of each individual course page.

Course dates

A sheet containing the course dates for all courses can be printed from the Student Administrative Services website when published.

Courses leading to Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

Applicants for courses within our BA/BSc Education Specialised programme are required to have a GCSE pass (grade C or above) in English language, mathematics and science, as well as the equivalent of two weeks experience of working in a school in the last two years. Candidates with other experience will be referred to the academic course leader for a decision to be made.

Credit transfer

Full information on our policy can be found on the Registry website, within the 'Accreditation of certificated learning' policy.

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The UCAS deadline for on-time applications is 15 January for all courses. All applicants who apply for the relevant courses before these dates will receive equal consideration, regardless of how early they apply. Applications received by UCAS after these dates will only be considered if there are still places available on the course. If you have applied after these dates and you receive an 'unsuccessful' decision, even though you meet the entry requirements, it is likely that it is because we have already filled our places on that course. You may alternatively receive a 'withdrawn due to course being full' notification.

Deferred applications

We welcome deferred applications and consider them in exactly the same way as applications for the same admissions cycle. Please be aware though that you would need to meet the conditions in the admissions cycle in which you applied. This means that if you apply in January for entry in September and are asked to get certain grades at A level and Grade 8 instrument, for example, you must meet these conditions by the end of August of that year, within that admissions cycle. If you would like to defer your place but you have already applied, please contact us: We will then consider your request and will reply to confirm when it has been dealt with.

Please do contact us regarding BA Acting as we will not be able to consider deferred applications for this course.


If you have a disability, please see our Admissions Procedure for Disabled Applicants

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) (Previously known as Criminal Records Bureau (CRB))

Applicants for courses or modules that involve contact with children or vulnerable adults will be required to submit DBS 'Enhanced Check' applications. Frequently asked questions (and answers!) about this can be found on the After Applying page. Please note that these guidelines are currently for CRB but will shortly be updated to outline any new information regarding DBS.

ELQ (applying for an equivalent or lower qualification than you already hold)

Please be aware that if you already have a degree, or higher qualification than that for which you are applying, you will be eligible to pay higher fees. This also applies to students who progress to the third year of study, following completion of a Foundation Degree. Please note that Foundation Degrees are currently exempt from higher fees.

Entry requirements

Please see the specific course pages.

Equality and Diversity

Please find our policy here.

Fee information

Fee information can be found in the course details.

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Applicants are welcome to contact the admissions office for feedback if they have not been successful but feel that they should have been successful following:

  • Close reading of our entry requirements, both course specific and on the 'Do you qualify?' pages on the BSU website and prospectus and/or
  • Close reading of information on what is taken into account at interview/audition and/or
  • Listening to the course leader's general advice at interview/audition

If, after deciding that they genuinely cannot understand why they were not offered a place, based on all of the information, applicants should contact the admissions office by email within two weeks of receiving the unsuccessful decision ( Unsuccessful applicants will then hear from us by email or UCAS track.

If you would like to find out about other similar courses, please visit or contact us ( for advice. We will endeavour to help you.

Foundation Degrees topping up to BA

During semester 1 of the second year, Foundation Degree students will be asked to complete an application form to enter year three of the BA course and 'top up' their Foundation Degree to an Honours Degree. Their course leader would then make recommendations to the corresponding BA course leader at BSU, which may also involve an interview or audition. Once the decision is made, the application is referred to the Registrar who makes the final judgement on the student's acceptability for year three. A letter will then be sent to the student to communicate the outcome. If the student is made an offer and firmly accepts, further information on joining year three will be sent. Registration and enrolment details for year three will be distributed within the month before the beginning of term. An appeals procedure is in place, should it be required, and can be found as follows: Appeals procedure.

Fraudulent applications and plagiarism (copying an application)

UCAS advise us if they have detected that an application may be fraudulent and we take this extremely seriously, working with UCAS on each case individually. UCAS also perform a similarity detection check on every application and advise us if they have detected that an applicant has copied any element of their application form. In most cases would contact the applicant and allow them to send us replacement information. This would then be sent to the course leader for their comments before finally being viewed by the Admissions Manager who would decide whether or not the application can proceed. If a case is very serious then the applicant would not be asked to submit replacement information and a reject decision would immediately be entered.

How to find us

How to find our partner colleges

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International applicants

If you are applying for an undergraduate course, please ensure that you check with UK NARIC (the UK National Recognition Information Centre) whether or not your qualification is equivalent to UK A levels - if it is then we would usually consider you. Please contact if you would like clarification. Please also ensure that when you complete the UCAS application, you state your actual qualification titles, not the UK qualifications you think they are equivalent to. It is also possible that you will be asked to send a copy of the transcript of your qualifications. We aim to make a decision on your application within three days of receipt but this very much depends on you submitting a complete application form and whether or not the course for which you have applied requires interview or audition attendance.

If you are applying for a course that usually requires attendance at interview or audition (please see our After Applying page) then you may be invited to attend if you would like to. We understand that this isn't easy for you so we would accept a recording or portfolio instead and would provide you with details of what we would require. Online portfolios (in the form of MySpace, YouTube pages etc.) would be preferable and quicker to process, although CDs and DVDs are usually acceptable.

If we decide to offer you a place, and if there is any indication on your application that you may be a full-fee paying student, the offer may be based on this assumption and also that you are required to pass IELTS 6.0 or the equivalent, and the UKBA standard in each element within that. This is so that we are able to process your application as quickly as possible. In the meantime, your application will be viewed for an evaluation to be made on your fee status by our Fee Status Assessment Team. If there is insufficient information on your application for such an evaluation to be made, you will be sent a fee status assessment questionnaire. Either way, once an evaluation has been made we will be able to amend the condition of your offer if necessary.

Please read our English Language Entry Requirements Policy 2014 to find out more about whether or not your English qualifications meet our entry requirements. 

Please be aware that we are required to take a copy of your passport and visa at the point of enrolment. Further information about the new tier 4 visa system for non-EU students entering the UK can be found on the UK Border Agency website.

International applicants will be required to pay a deposit and this amount will be confirmed shortly. Please see our International Deposit Policy for more information on paying the deposit.

Also, you might find this website useful to you - it has some very good information about studying in the UK:

Number of places available

Each year we receive an allocation from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) of how many students we are allowed to have. From this number we calculate the number of new students we are able to take in that admissions cycle for each course. We then, using trend data from previous years, work out how many offers we need to make in order to achieve the number of new students we need for that year.


Our offers are generally made in UCAS tariff points and have two parts. The first part stipulates an overall tariff point requirement which can include A levels, AS levels, Grade VIII examinations and any other course which has been allocated tariff points by UCAS. The second part stipulates a specific tariff point requirement from A level or BTEC National Diploma or Certificate and a specific A level or BTEC grade relevant to the subject applied for. We may also make a non-academic requirement, covering possibly clearance checks, request for fee status information, English language requirement if English is not your first language etc. A typical offer may read: 'Please obtain 260 UCAS tariff points overall, including 200 points from A level including a B in Performing Arts'.

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Offer letters

Our decision on whether or not to offer a place will be communicated to you via UCAS. Applicants should therefore check UCAS track on a regular basis.

On-time and late applications

The UCAS deadline for on-time applications is 15 January for all courses. All applicants who apply for the relevant courses before these dates will receive equal consideration, regardless of how early they apply. Applications received by UCAS after these dates will only be considered if there are still places available on the course. If you have applied after these dates and you receive an 'unsuccessful' decision, even though you meet the entry requirements, it is likely that it is because we have already filled our places on that course. You may alternatively receive a 'withdrawn due to course being full' notification.

Part-time applicants

The majority of our courses are available part-time, but please do check with us ( If you are sure that you do not want full-time study, please contact us for a part-time application form. Your application will be considered in the same way as full-time applications - please ensure that you apply before 15 January (or 24th March for art and design courses) to be guaranteed consideration.

Part-time students will study up to half of what is studied by full-time students over a longer period of time and this can be up to 6 years. It is possible for a part-time student to change, during the course of their studies, to full-time, and vice versa, depending on the circumstances.

Process time

Once your application is received at UCAS, it is processed and then arrives at Bath Spa University electronically. Admissions staff at BSU view your application and, for courses that do not require an interview or audition, aim to make a decision as soon as possible. Our decision on whether or not to offer you a place will be communicated to you via UCAS. Please, therefore, check UCAS track on a regular basis. Please also check your email account (including your junk mail, as our emails sometimes go directly to junk!) regularly in case we need to contact you about your application.

Please be aware that our end of year processing is carried out following registration and enrolment of new students in late September/early October. Therefore those who apply in September and October will experience a longer turnaround time than outlined above as we are not able to input decisions until the previous admissions cycle is completed.

Please note that for some courses it is necessary to operate a 'gathered field', whereby we wait until the deadline (15th January), so that we have all of the applications for that course, before we process our offers. You will be informed if this will be the case for your application.

It is sometimes necessary for us to contact applicants to ask for more information in order for us to be able to consider their application and we will write to applicants by email outlining why we require this information. In these cases, applicants should provide this as quickly as possible in order for us to continue with our processing.

Those who apply for courses that require an interview or audition (please see After Applying for information), should also expect a longer wait for a decision as a short-listing process will be carried out around a month in advance of designated audition/interview dates. We aim to provide candidates with least 2 weeks notice audition/interview and applicants are invited on an ongoing basis. All of those who apply before the 15 January UCAS deadline will receive equal consideration, regardless of the date of their audition/interview. Please be aware that interviews and audition sessions go on until the end of April and sometimes into May.

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Professional bodies

Our BSc Psychology course is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS).

BSc (Hons) Food with Nutrition and BA/BSc (Hons) Food and Nutrition (Combined Award) are both accredited by the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) for its membership purposes. IFST is the leading independent qualifying body for food professionals in Europe and the only professional body in the UK concerned with all aspects of food science and technology. 
BSc(Hons) Human Nutrition has been accredited by the Association for the Association for Nutrition – On graduation students become Associate Nutritionists.

Qualifications on entry

If you have a qualification that is not listed below, please visit this website: and then contact the admissions service ( to check that we would accept that qualification. We would need to know the year it was studied and completed, the name of the school or college and the results as well as any other qualifications you have in addition to this, and would need to have this information in an email so that we are able to conduct the necessary research. You may also be asked to send a copy of your certificates or transcript of results at this point. Please be aware that if we are unable to find sufficient information on your qualification to enable us to make an informed decision, then we will consider whether you would be eligible for 'Accreditation of Prior (Experiential) Learning' or AP(E)L.

This depends upon whether or not you have experience or learning that is relevant to the course for which you have applied and is the equivalent of two years full time experience/learning. Please contact the Admissions Service for advice ( before making an application.

Please also see the information on the Registry website regarding Accreditation of Prior Learning: Policies

We accept the following for all of our degrees, but please note that some courses require additional qualifications eg. Art Foundation Course, Grade 8 instrument etc. Please see the course pages for further information. Please also be aware that for some courses, it is necessary for your level three qualification to be relevant to the degree course for which you are applying.

  • A levels (2 at least)*
  • QAA approved Access Diploma
  • BTEC National Diploma
  • BTEC National Certificate
  • BTEC National Award plus one A level*
  • NVQ 3
  • Cache Diploma (level 3)
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Advanced GNVQ
  • Cambridge Pre-U
  • Irish Leaving Certificate
  • Scottish Advanced Highers (2 at least)
  • OCR National Extended Diploma
  • OCR National Diploma
  • OCR National Certificate plus one A level*
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma (individual modules usually cannot be counted)

If you have or are studying towards a qualification that does not appear above, please contact prior to making your application.

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Registration and enrolment

In early September we write to all new students with information about induction week as well as joining instructions and information on how to register. Registration is done online, from the comfort of a home environment, via our Student Portal and should be completed before you first arrive at BSU. Once you arrive, you will need to enrol onto the course and for this you will need to provide your student number (which you will be issued via the Student Portal when you register) and some photographic identification. You may also need to provide qualification certificates.

Please note that 'Fresher's Week' is the same week as induction week and not the week before.


Information about how we can support your needs, regarding disability, welfare, health or financial concerns, can be found on our Student Support pages.

Student Portal

The student portal is an interactive website that allows us to communicate and collect information from applicants and new students. It is mainly used by applicants for viewing important BSU information, booking places on open days or campus visit days, making a preliminary booking of student accommodation, and registering for the course. It can be used throughout the students time at BSU for checking timetables, updating address details and registering for each year of study.

Timetables and choosing your modules

New students can make a preliminary module choice on the student portal as part of the registration process in September, after viewing the 'Guide To Modules' sheets on the Registry website (please be aware that the guide to modules for year one will not appear until late August) and this can then be confirmed following attendance at induction meetings during the first week of term. Once modules have been confirmed on the student portal (by noon on the Wednesday of that week), they will be processed by our Student Administration Service and timetables issued, again via the student portal.


Our TOEFL code number is 5841. Please, however, be aware that we are only able to consider those who have an ETS TOEFL/TOEIC certificate dated before 17th April 2014.

Unsuccessful applicants

If your application has not been successful the reason will be provided to UCAS when we enter the decision for you.

Information regarding feedback and complaints procedures is provided above.

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What happens now?

If you have not already visited Bath Spa University for audition or interview and receive an offer, you will receive information, closer to the date, about our Campus Visit Days. If you firmly accept our offer, the BSU Student Housing Services Office will start to send accommodation information to you in the Spring. You will also be sent 'What happens now?' information in May/June. It is likely that we will need to keep in contact with you via email if you firmly accept our offer, so please ensure that you let us know if you change your email address or, if you haven't supplied an email address on your application form, please contact us to let us know what it is ( When you receive your results (if you are holding a conditional offer), they are also normally sent to us by UCAS, although we may ask for you to send them to us directly and, if you have met the conditions of our offer, and we are your firm choice, you will receive notification via UCAS track that your place has been confirmed. In the weeks following this, we will issue 'Joining Instructions' and final information about registration and induction. At this point you will also receive information from the BSU Students Union.

Who will view my application?

Your application will be initially handled by our admissions team who are normally able to make a decision but may liaise with the course leader if necessary. If the course for which you have applied requires interview or audition attendance as part of the admissions process, admissions officers will conduct the initial shortlisting and will then provide the application form to the course leader prior to interview. Applications may also be viewed by academic staff who teach on the course as they may make up the interview panel.

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