BSU Bursaries (2014/15 entry)

Bath Spa University Bursaries

Bath Spa University offer bursaries to undergraduate students studying in full-time mode who are eligible for Home or EU student funding. Bursaries are non-repayable grants that are given to help you with education costs.  Students who are ineligible for student support only because of previous study are eligible for a BSU bursary.  If this applies, you should make an application for student support and request that your income be assessed for the purposes of bursary calculation.  Student Finance have a duty to assess household income for bursary purposes where a student would otherwise be ineligible for grants and loans.

Our bursaries range between £350 and £500, dependent on your household income.

Family Income BandBursary


Payment dates and amounts

The Student Loans Company (SLC) administer our bursaries on our behalf.  This means that bursaries will be paid to you using the bank account details that the SLC hold for your grant and loan payments.  2014/15 bursaries are paid in three instalments

  • Payment 1 will be 35% of your total bursary and will be paid on 21st November 2014
  • Payment 2 will be 35% of your total bursary and will be paid on 20th February 2015
  • Payment 3 will be the remaining 30% of your total bursary and will be paid on 21st May 2015

Consent to share

In order for us to determine the students who are eligible for bursaries, you need to have consented to share your household income data for bursary purposes as part of your application to Student Finance.  There is a section in the application where you would have had to "opt out" or actively decline to share your household income. As some of the income data may belong to others in your household they must also take care not to opt out so that we can use their income data to calculate any bursary that may be due to you.  However, if you or anyone in your household did opt out and later want to change this you can do this either online or by telephone to SLC on 0300 100 0612.