Campus Life

Newton Park and Sion Hill campusesBath Spa University is a place of wonderful contrasts, and life on campus demonstrates this only too well. From the unique blend of history and modernity in its buildings and facilities,  to the mixture of tranquillity and vibrancy in the campus community - Bath Spa offers it all!

So if you want some peace and quiet to do some thinking or relaxing in the beautiful campus grounds, you'll always be able to find a quiet spot - perhaps walking around the lake at Newton Park or sitting under the trees at Sion Hill. But you'll be sure of a lively buzz in the Student's Union or the refectory when you want to get back to socialising with friends.

And although the campuses aren't right in the city centre, they're within easy access of all the attractions of Bath. Newton Park is about four miles outside Bath, but with good bus links into the city, and Sion Hill is just on the edge of the city, within walking distance.