Facilities on Campus

Bath Spa University is a unique blend of the old and the new, where state-of-the-art facilities sit in a stunning historic setting.

Castle building and the gallery

Facilities to help your study

As a 'teaching-led' university we put a lot of effort into helping you get the most from your studies. You'll expect first rate lecturers, but you'll also get modern, well equipped libraries and IT suites; innovative teaching methods; the chance to study abroad - and much more!


Each campus has a library with stock that reflects the courses that are taught there. At Bath School of Art and Design, the University invested in equipping a central new library facility which opened at Sion Hill in 2009. Here you can seek creative inspiration from a wealth of specialist books and journals as well as collections of exhibition catalogues, images and DVDs.

At Newton Park, our larger campus library, there is a course-focused collection of books, journals, CDs and DVDs, covering the wide range of subjects we teach. If you’re an Education student, there is a separate collection of resources to use when you are on teaching placements in schools. As well as traditional library materials, there’s also a wealth of electronic resources such as electronic journals, electronic books and online services to help you access high quality information for your university work.

Through the library website, students can gain access to many electronic resources such as online academic journals and e-books.

Study areas

The libraries are divided into separate areas for different kinds of study. If you want to work in peace, there are areas where we ask people to talk quietly and not use mobiles. If you really need to concentrate, you can work in silent study areas where we ask people not to talk at all or use equipment that might disturb others.

However, at other times, you'll need to work with others on group projects, so we've set aside areas where you can talk, use mobiles, eat and drink. During 2010/11, the foyer of Newton Park Library was completely re-designed and refurbished to improve services and facilities for students. One of the main aims is to provide collaborative learning space and laptop docking points as well as a, modern and welcoming reception area and library information point. This exciting new study space is open 24/7 in term-time, along with the computer suites in the Library.

Getting Help

Professionally qualified librarians run sessions that teach you how to find and use information - helping you to produce good quality work but saving you time as well. We also offer one-to-one tutorials, an electronic enquiry service and advice as and when you need it.

If you're a disabled student, you'll get help on an individual basis to make sure we best meet your library and information needs.

Learning development

Our Writing and Learning Centre can help students improve their learning and reach their potential, and helps develop skills such as academic writing, referencing, critical thinking, time management, oral presentation, reading and note-taking.

Computer facilities

Girl at a computer

There are several hundred networked computers for students to use, many in open access rooms which are available in the evenings and at weekends as well during the day. You can use these computers for word-processing, spreadsheets, database work, email and access to the Internet. And you’ll find user-friendly online help pages covering all aspects of IT at the University.

There are also specialised computer facilities across the campuses for subjects such as music, art and design, and media production. We have both PCs and Apple Macs as well as wireless connections for laptops.

When you become a Bath Spa student you’ll be given your own email account - which you can keep for life!

Online learning

As a teaching-led university we make sure we're right up to date with the most advanced teaching methods, and all students have access to our online virtual learning environment, 'Minerva'. Minerva allows your lecturers to send course materials to you via the web - and makes these easy for you to find. It also provides various other features such as discussion boards which allow you to have online conversations with others from your course, and lets you submit coursework electronically.

Specialist facilities

There are specialist facilities for studying a wide range of subjects on both our main campuses, as well as at our specialist teaching sites : The Circus for fashion; Burdall's Yard for music and live performance; Ashman's Yard for theatre production; Dartmouth Avenue for creative arts; Paintsworks for creative media practice. On each of our course pages you will find a description of the specialist facilities available.

For postgraduate study we have our specialist postgraduate Centre at Corsham Court that offers a superb teaching and research environment: workshops, studios and seminar rooms; individual study spaces for Masters and PhD research students; specialist art and design studio accommodation; and excellent music teaching and performance space.

Sports and social facilities

The Students' Union plays a key role in making sure that students get the most out of their social and sporting life. There are 20 active sports teams of which 12 compete in BUCS - British University and College Sport at various levels and in different leagues. These teams include football, rugby, hockey, badminton, netball and American football. The teams play either mixed or as individual sexes, and all standards are welcome to join in.

The SU also manages all of the clubs and societies with the University – anything from board sports to yoga.

Social facilities include a 700 capacity SU centre that hosts a whole range of events throughout the year. The prestigious annual Summer Ball and Winter Ball are highlights of the social calendar.

Cultural facilities

And as you would expect from a university that emphasises creativity and culture, there's a whole range of cultural events to get involved in, both on campus and in Bath itself - a renowned city of Festivals. From art installations to dance and music performances - there's something for everyone to enjoy and get involved in.

Other facilities