Special Educational Needs

Nursery practitioners at Oak Tree Day Nursery work very closely with parents/carers to ensure that children are able to reach to their full potential and attend nursery alongside their peers. All practitioners are committed to providing an inclusive environment that celebrates and values each child and their family.

The key person

Key persons are sensitive to every child’s individual needs and work in partnership with outside agencies, such as speech and language therapist, disability nurse, and vision support to provide an enabling environment for the child. Working in partnership with other professionals ensures the key person has the skills and knowledge required to meet the individual needs of the child.

The key person and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator attend both general training, such as Makaton, and training or development opportunities that is specific to the child’s needs, for example if a child attends the the Pre-school Assessment and Therapy (PAT) Centre at the Royal United Hospital or Speech and Language therapist groups the key person can also attend to ensure they are using strategies that are employed at the centre. In our experience this ensures there is continuity between the support the child receives at the centre and at home and the support the child receives at the nursery.

The key person maintains Individual Education Plans and Inclusion Plans for child with Special Educational Needs as well as learning diaries.

The lead professional

When Oak Tree Day Nursery is the child's main provider of childcare and education, the Nursery Manager is the lead professional for children with Special Educational Needs. The lead professional co-ordinates 'Team Around the Child' meetings and works with the parents/carers and all professionals, such as the Occupational Therapist, Early Years Coordinator, Health Visitor, Music Therapist and Educational Psychologist, to ensure progress is being made towards any targets that are set at the meeting. The lead professional is the first point of contact for the team. The lead professional arranges for professionals to visit the child at nursery and for the key person to visit other settings or groups that the child may attend. The nursery team have found that working collaboratively with the child’s parents/carers and other professionals is essential to enabling a child to reach their full potential.

Transition to school for children with Special Educational Needs is designed with the child’s needs in mind. The lead professional will develop a transition timeline with the parents and professionals at the 'Team Around the Child' meeting.  The timeline can includes dates for; transition meetings, the key person’s visits to the school, as well as the teacher’s visits to the nursery, the child’s visits to the school and the development of a transition inclusion plan.  


The nursery was awarded for its commitment to integrated working in 2011 by Bath and North East Somerset Council.