Working While You Study

The University's Job Shop helps all students find jobs in the local area, including jobs available on campus.

  • The Job Shop is a free service to all students.
  • Last academic year the Job Shop advertised over 4000 job opportunities. We have a huge range of vacancies, updated daily.
  • We make sure that all the employers who advertise with us meet our Code of Practice.
  • Close to 80% of Bath Spa University students have a part-time job while they study.

Benefits of combining work & study

Apart from the obvious benefit of providing ready cash, having a part-time job can provide you with an important addition to your CV: experience! It is not so much a matter of what you do but what you have learnt from it, and your ability to demonstrate this to a future employer.

There are two basic kinds of work experience: general and specific.

General experience can be gained in any job and will help you to develop skills such as:

  • time-keeping
  • learning how to deal with colleagues and customers
  • working as part of a team
  • problem solving
  • commercial awareness

It helps enormously to be able to show your future graduate employer that you actually know what it's like having a job!

Specific work experience is experience in a field that you want a career in. Showing that you have already worked in a certain field or environment will help convince employers you are serious about that career path.

Contact the Job Shop

The Job Shop is open during term-time from Monday-Friday, 12:30 - 2 pm.

If you have a query about combining work and study, you can contact us to arrange a short conversation with our Job Shop team by telephoning (01225) 875864 or emailing