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Bath Spa University is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all staff.

Bath Spa University is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all staff and dedicated to addressing issues that cause barriers to equal opportunity for all employees.

The mean average gender pay gap at Bath Spa University is 17.1% and the median average is 23.2%.

The median female bonus is £1,500 and the median male bonus is £5,750, which has led to the gender pay gap quoted. These figures are based on a total of 18 people (12 female and 6 male) receiving a bonus as a result of exceptional work. This constitutes only just over 1% of staff, therefore the statistics around bonus payments are not representative of the whole University.

Please note that these figures relate to the 2017/18 year. We have looked ahead to our gender pay gap report for 2020 which will include figures from 2018/19 and have found that both the mean and median bonus pay gaps will be 0%.

What does it mean?

The “Mean” is calculated by summing the hourly rates of each employee, then dividing by the number of employees. The “Median” is the middle value when the hourly rates are ranked from smallest to largest.

The Gender Pay Gap Report is a measure of the difference in pay between the average hourly earnings of male and female staff.

In our case, this pay gap is mostly due to a higher proportion of female staff occupying more junior roles within the University, as well as the large number of female casual staff we employ, who are mainly Bath Spa University students. The large number of female casual workers is representative of our student population.

If this last group were excluded from the calculations above, the mean average gender pay gap at Bath Spa would be 10.9% and the median would be 8.5%. However, we are proud to employ our students and offer them development opportunities, and so will continue to do so despite the impact on our gender pay gap figures.

Gender Pay Gap and Equal Pay

Equality is key to the success story of Bath Spa University. In fact, we produced our own reports about equal pay, the Equal Pay Review, long before the 2017 legislation that required the publication of gender pay gap calculations came into place.

It is important to understand that these two reports and the statistics shown in them are different. The Equal Pay Review looks at basic pay of salaried staff, whereas the Gender Pay Gap looks at all relevant staff (including associate lecturers and casual workers) who worked in March of the given year, and takes issues such as salary sacrifice into account.

Our Equal Pay Review compares the pay of male and female employees who are doing work of equal value and checks to see if there are any differences or inequalities. In doing so, we can monitor the effectiveness of our pay framework and job evaluation processes which were put in place as part of our commitment to ensure equal pay of equal value.

Reducing our gender pay gap

The current gender pay gap at Bath Spa is disappointing, but reducing the gap is achievable. We, as a community, must work together in addressing this vital moral and social challenge and things are moving in the right direction.

Encouragingly, an increasing number of our female staff are now in professorial roles which is higher than the sector average. And, if we look ahead to our gender pay gap report for 2020, we know that both the mean and median bonus pay gaps will be 0%.

To date, we've introduced a number of measures that aim to reduce the gender pay gap at Bath Spa, including Diversity and Unconscious Bias training and our Developing Leaders Programme.

We have also: 

We know that one of the strengths of this University is its people - our highly accomplished and dedicated staff. We will therefore continue in our efforts to ensure a fair and equal work environment for all, and ask that all those who can will work with us to do the same.

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