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Transport policy – Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University understands that commuting and business-related travel, while essential for the University’s business, has negative impacts from congestion and pollution.

At Bath Spa University, we take our sustainability responsibilities seriously and are committed to minimising the health, social and environmental impacts of our travel.

To this end, we undertake to:

  • Promote travel to and from the University by non-car modes for students, staff and visitors, and to reduce travel by private car wherever there is a viable alternative
  • Reduce business travel by air, where alternatives can be found, and to mitigate unavoidable emissions through socially-positive offsetting schemes that can be integrated into the curriculum to enhance student learning and experience
  • Mitigate the environmental impacts of overseas student commuting through socially positive offsetting
  • Develop on-site residential accommodation where feasible and viable to reduce the need for student travel
  • Develop off-site residential accommodation only in areas that have high quality links to the University, or where high quality public transport facilities will be provided as part of the development
  • Prohibit students (other than those with disabilities) residing in bespoke student accommodation under the control of the University from using a car in connection with their commuting
  • Encourage car sharing for those for whom travel by non-car modes is not a practical option
  • To provide suitable facilities for cyclists at all sites
  • To increase the provision of electric car charging points to all main campuses

This Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it continues to be relevant and fit for purpose.

Signed off by Professor Christina Slade, Vice-Chancellor

Date of last approval: May 2017

Approved by: Environmental Steering Group

Date of next review: May 2018

Department/Post responsible: Sustainability Manager

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