Programme Approval and Review Sub-committee

Programme Approval and Review is a sub-committee of Academic Standards and Quality.


  • Chair - Vice-Provost (Learning and Teaching Quality)
  • One student (Students' Union President or nominee)
  • Head of Quality
  • Deputy Registrar (Head of Applicant and Student Administration)
  • One representative from each School nominated by the Dean (normally Associate Dean)

Terms of reference

On behalf of Academic Standards and Quality Committee (AQSC):

  • Consider and approve new programmes and existing programmes put forward for re-approval
  • Receive the approved nomination forms of external advisors in the programme approval/re-approval process
  • Consider and approve modifications to existing programmes as per the existing Minor Modifications process and maintain oversight of modifications across the University
  • Consider periodic review outcomes with respect to any implications for existing programmes through that process
  • Receive the annual register of programmes not recruiting

The committee meets at least two weeks prior to a meeting of AQSC and will forward a note to AQSC normally for receipt only, of its decisions since the previous meeting of AQSC.

As the sub-committee operates with delegated powers, the point of approval will be the relevant meeting of the Programme Approval and Review Sub-committee.

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