External Examiners

Resources and information to assist you with your external examining duties at Bath Spa University.

If you've been approached by the University to become an external examiner on one of our courses, the information on these pages should be useful.

If you are unable to find the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact a member of Academic Services, who administrate the external examiner process.

Who to contact

Queries relating to term of appointment/contract, range of duties, fees and expenses should be made in the first instance to the Assistant Quality Assurance Officer. Other members of the Academic Services department will also be able to help.

Queries about academic issues, examination papers/boards, dates of meetings/visits etc. should be address to the course leader or course team. Details of schools within the University can be found through our schools of study page.

If you are unsure about who to contact, please contact a member of Academic Services who will be pleased to advise you.

Read our External Examiners handbook (2018/2019).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my annual fee and when will I receive it?

Details of your fee will be given in your letter of appointment, following approval of your nomination at the University's Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC). Annual fees applicable for external examiners approved for the 2018/19 academic year were:

  • External examiners - £350
  • Chief external examiners - £500

Receipt of your annual report at the appropriate time, will trigger payment of your annual fee - it is not, therefore, necessary for you to complete a claim form for payment of your fee. On appointment, you'll be asked to provide details of where you would like your fee to be paid and it is important that you advise us if these details change during the course of your term as external examiner. Changes to contact details, employment details or financial details should be advised to Academic Services at externalexaminers@bathspa.ac.uk as soon as possible.

Fees are paid on a monthly basis on or around the 21st of the month, provided that authorisation for payment is received from Academic Services by the University's Payroll Department by their deadline of 2nd/3rd of that month.

Do I have to pay income tax on my annual fee?

The advice from the University's Payroll Department regarding payment of fees and income tax is:

  • Most fees paid by external examiners are liable to tax under Schedule E/as main employment income
  • Taxpayers should be advised to record the amount of the external examiners' fees in the 'additional information' section of the Self Assessment return. HM Revenue and Customs should calculate the Class 4 NICs due and show the amount as 'accepted' in box 18.2B. On no account should a credit be shown in box 3.98 of the self-employment pages, as this could result in an overcharge of income tax.

Where can I find the template for my annual report?

We have templates, as well as additional information, for annual reports. You can also find details of where and when to send your report on this page.

Where can I get an expenses claim form and where should I send it?

Claims for expenses incurred in conducting your duties should follow these guidelines:

  • Second class rail travel only. As we are a publicly-funded body, we would also be grateful, if where possible, you could book tickets in advance to make the most of any deals that may be available. 
  • Evening meal - total cost should not normally exceed £30. The University will pay for one alcoholic drink claimed with an evening meal where this falls within the £30 maximum allowance.
  • Lunch meal - total cost should not normally exceed £15
  • Receipts are required for all expenses, with the exception of mileage. Debit/credit card receipts alone are not acceptable.

Please complete an expense claim form, attach all accompanying receipts, and send it to your programme team contact.

When am I required to attend examination boards or visit the University?

Your subject contact at the University will be able to provide this information. Please note that Academic Services do not have details of individual examination board dates.

Does the University host any events for external examiners?

Bath Spa University holds an annual conference to which all undergraduate, PGCE and postgraduate Taught external examiners are invited. The aim of the conference is to:

  • Welcome new external examiners to Bath Spa University
  • Welcome back existing external examiners
  • Advise of future developments at the University
  • Provide opportunities for discussion in break-off groups on a variety of topics
  • Provide opportunities for questions on the role of external examiners at the University
  • Provide an opportunity to meet Academic Services and other members of University staff

How can I gain access to password protected areas of the University website?

Your subject contact at the University should arrange for you to have a network account at the University which allows access to certain password protected areas. In addition to allow you to carry out your duties as external examiner, you should be enrolled onto the University's virtual learning environment - Minerva.

What are your policies, regulations and procedures relating to external examiners?

Policies, regulations and procedures that external examiners are most likely to be involved with can be found at the links below. Visit our policies section to read all our policies.

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