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BCEP – Bath Spa University

Bath Spa is one of the founding partners of the Bath Cultural Education Partnership (BCEP) alongside Bath Festivals, The Egg, The Holburne, House of Imagination and Mentoring Plus.

BCEP work with local authorities in education, community outreach and cultural engagement to enrich the lives of children and young people as well as vulnerable groups by providing opportunities for creative exploration.

BCEP’s vision is a city and local region where children and young people’s pathways to creative and cultural engagement are clear and accessible to all from birth. We want to celebrate and utilise the myriad high-quality opportunities in the region and create new ones.

We aim to nurture a community of thriving young people who are active agents in their creative learning and practice. Our current cultural, creative, and education partners' mission is to work collaboratively to ensure a dynamism of cultural and creative possibilities. 

Founding partnership

Bath Spa University has an expansive network and employs outstanding creative professionals who support its aim to be a leading educational institution in creativity, culture and enterprise. Collectively the partnership offers a wealth of experience in identifying local needs and strives to act responsively, with a diverse and inclusive portfolio of opportunities.

The Egg Theatre

The Egg’s engagement work is innovative and pioneering. It includes: radical approaches to teaching with creativity such as School Without Walls; a trail-blazing Adult Creative Learning programme; co-delivery partnerships with Bath Spa University & Bath College in addition to a high quality in-house and online Theatre School programme.

House of Imagination

House of Imagination (HOI) is driven by a desire for change in both children’s lives and in schools, focusing on an exploration of the possibilities that creativity offers. Through research and dissemination HOI provides evidence for change and helps to build a strong cultural ecology that in turn supports children, schools and creative professionals.

The Holburne Museum

The Holburne is dedicated to changing lives through art. At the heart of this vision is the powerful relationship of art, creativity and social and personal wellbeing. Seeking to deliver this mission with ambition and innovation, ensuring that they always do so in ways that are inclusive, of the highest quality, relevant and sustainable.

Bath Festivals

Bath Festivals play a very specific role in the health and wellbeing of young and vulnerable people, developing opportunities that engage and inspire young people from different parts to come together in an inclusive environment. 

Mentoring Plus

Mentoring Plus’ partnership with BCEP helps young people to access creative and inspiring opportunities who might not otherwise feel able to. The charity also works with BCEP to ensure the needs of less advantaged young people are heard, understood and met, linking with schools and other support organisations to help ensure projects are relevant and deliverable to all sections of the community. 

Key partners

Campaigning for children's rights to the arts. Connecting children's arts practitioners. Celebrating children's arts in the UK.

Ensuring all students develop the knowledge and skills for successful progression in education and employment.

B&NES Music Hub is committed to providing pathways of musical excellence enabling young people from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential.

Nominees of the RPS Award in the category for impact, Bath Philharmonic have a ten-year track-record in enabling Young Carers to make and perform their own music.

A charity promoting high standards of planning and architecture in Bath, striving to ensure the future success of our special heritage city through conservation, education and museums.

Creativity Works is an award-winning charity and socially engaged arts organisation based in Radstock, Bath and North East Somerset, delivering creative projects that make a real difference to people’s lives.

All these schools are passionate about providing enriching and valuable opportunities for their pupils and staff through a shared commitment to strive for excellence in all they do.

An outstanding education for every child, enhanced by a distinctively Christian ethos.

From supporting young people to find work and develop skills to helping start-ups and enterprises thrive, Real Ideas work to solve problems and create positive and lasting social change.

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