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Creativity Works – Bath Spa University

Creativity Works is an award-winning charity who support local community participation in the arts in areas of multiple deprivation.

Creativity Works is an arts charity and for the last 40 years has been based in Bath and North East Somerset. Their mission is to use the power of the creative process to bring people and places together to create a better future for themselves and their communities. They enable participation in the arts for children, families, young people and marginalised adults in areas of multiple deprivation. In 2021/22 they engaged 4,000 audiences, supported 34 artists commissions and 1626 attendances from participants.


Creativity Works and Bath Spa University have a long-standing partnership, working on and off together for more than ten years including supporting each other with participatory research and development projects, hosting student placements and collaborating on skills and employment programmes.

Our memorandum of understanding signifies a more formal recognition of what we can achieve together and for our communities in Bath and North East Somerset. Creativity Works and Bath Spa University want to deliver on shared goals which will increase the life chances of our communities, ensure everyone regardless of where they live has equal access to education, training and qualifications and between us, build the infrastructure and capacity locally to enable artists, arts and culture to thrive now and in the future.

University offers

There are often free or pay what you can afford programmes and workshops that students are very welcome to sign up to. Please see the Creativity Works website where you can also sign up to their monthly newsletter for further details.

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