Teaching Excellence Framework

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and what it means...

Bath Spa University is a TEF participating institution and has been awarded with Silver.

According to the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) 2017, Bath Spa University “delivers high quality teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. It consistently exceeds rigorous national quality requirements for UK higher education.”

What does the silver rating mean?

The Silver TEF rating is awarded to institutions which deliver high quality teaching, learning and outcomes, and which significantly and consistently exceed the baseline quality threshold expected of UK Higher Education. Specifically:

  • Achieving excellent outcomes for its students, in particular with regards to retention and progression to highly skilled employment and further study.
  • Course design and assessment practices provide scope for high levels of stretch that ensures all students are significantly challenged, and acquire knowledge, skills and understanding that are highly valued by employers.
  • Appropriate levels of contact time, including personalised provision secures high levels of engagement and commitment to learning and study from students.
  • High quality physical and digital resources are used by students to enhance learning.
  • Students are engaged with developments from the forefront of research, scholarship or practice, and are sometimes involved in these activities.
  • An institutional culture that facilitates, recognises and rewards excellent teaching has been implemented.

"Student involvement in the delivery of the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework is extremely important in supporting the panel to have confidence in their assessments. Students are an integral, expert part of our TEF assessor pool and main panel. We know that universities and colleges can only provide and identify excellent teaching in partnership with their students, and we are hoping to see that demonstrated throughout the process."

Professor Chris Husbands (Chair, TEF panel)

What is the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)?

The Government has introduced the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) to recognise and reward excellent teaching in UK higher education (HE) providers. It is intended to give students clear information about teaching quality and student outcomes and to encourage a focus on quality of teaching in higher education institutions.

The TEF assesses participating Universities on overall teaching quality across all undergraduate coures.

Each participating higher education institution receives a TEF award, which students can use to inform their choices. TEF is a voluntary award; Universities are not required to participate.

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