Plans for 2020-21

See you in September!

Information about the academic year 2020-2021 at Bath Spa University.

We are planning for the academic year to start in September as usual. We encourage all our students, those who will be joining us for the first time and those who will be returning, to make plans to be in Bath for the start of the year.

Wherever possible, we'll prioritise in-person teaching and other activities on campus. It is likely though that some teaching will continue to be online. The mix of in-person and online will depend on the Government advice at the time, in particular, social distancing requirements. We want to make sure students have access to some important facilities on campus including the library, workshops, studios, laboratories and performance spaces, so we are in the process of adapting those spaces to make sure they are safe for on campus teaching and learning. We understand the uncertainty the coronavirus pandemic has created, so we are working hard to make sure everything is in place for September.

Welcome activities are being planned for September and our Students’ Union, sports clubs and societies, and social events will all be running next year. Whatever the balance between in-person and online will be, you'll have the chance to meet people, engage with one another and find your communities within Bath Spa. We know these are an essential part of the student experience so are working on making this possible while taking into account the likely restrictions that will be in place in the autumn.

We're doing all this to make sure our students have the best experience possible, while ensuring the health and safety of all students and staff. Our open, green and safe spaces will help us achieve this balance and we’re looking forward to coming together on campus again while continuing to connect virtually.

We’ll share updates throughout the summer and you can also find more information at:

Planning for academic year 2020-2021

Although we can now see more clearly the direction of how government restrictions are being lifted, we're making plans for our return from lockdown based on a number of stages so that we can adapt if we need to.

Stage 1: Full lockdown

All teaching and learning online.

Stage 2: Initial easing of lockdown

All teaching and learning online, but some limited access to facilities for postgraduate students.

Stage 3: Easing of lockdown with 2 metre social distancing

All lectures and large groups online, with some small group in-person teaching and safe access to some facilities on campus.

Stage 4: Easing of lockdown with 1 metre plus social distancing

All lectures online, with more opportunities for in-person group teaching sessions and increased safe access to a number of facilities on campus.

Stage 5: No restrictions in place

All physical teaching and learning resume and all facilities on campus open.

We currently think it is likely we will be at stage 4 in September.

The mixture of online and physical teaching will vary according to subject area as some subjects will require a greater level of access to physical teaching and on-campus facilities than others. Once we have specific details per course, we will share this with you so you can prepare for the start of the new academic year in September.

Below is some more detail of what will be available at each of the stages.

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