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Frequently asked questions

How do I get a guaranteed place?

To qualify, you'll need the following:

  • To be a full-time undergraduate student who is entering the University with standard UK qualifications
  • To be applying for a three or four-year undergraduate course through UCAS.

When you receive your conditional offer, you’ll have the opportunity to change it to a guaranteed place by having an interview with an academic member of staff. If you've applied for a course requiring a portfolio of work and/or an audition/interview, you'll be invited to an interview or audition day, after which you could be offered a guaranteed place.

To take us up on your guaranteed place, you’ll need to make us your firm choice on UCAS Track by the relevant deadline. Bear in mind that criteria can vary by course, so please read your offer letter carefully.

When will the interviews, portfolio submissions, or auditions happen?

Interviews will take place from November 2019 onwards, and you’ll have the choice to meet with us face-to-face or by phone. Your offer letter will outline what to do next, along with any dates for auditions, interviews and, if required, when to submit a portfolio.

How do I book an interview?

You’ll be offered the opportunity of an interview with a member of our academic team when you receive your initial, conditional offer. Look out for details in your offer letter.

How should I prepare for my interview?

We want to see your skills, ability and passion. So, while the criteria will vary from course to course, we’ll be looking for evidence of your commitment, motivation and interest in your subject – as well as an open-minded, enquiring approach. We’ll also be looking for your talent, track record and potential – all essential factors if you’re to thrive here at Bath Spa. 

Can I reschedule my interview if I can no longer make it, or if I miss the call?

When you book your interview, you are committing to attend a session with one of our academics. However, if you need to reschedule your interview, please email be@bathspa.ac.uk with your request up to 24 hrs before the scheduled interview time.

Please note that your interview appointment will be within a two-hour window, so for example, your appointment may be between 4-6PM, or between 5-7PM. Please expect a call anytime during these two hours - if you've asked us to call a mobile number, please make sure it is fully charged and the volume is turned on. If you miss our call, please email be@bathspa.ac.uk and we will try to reschedule your interview for a different time.

Will I need to visit Bath Spa University for my interview?

We’d love to welcome you to one of our beautiful campuses. However, if this isn’t possible, we’re also offering interviews by phone. 

How do I know if I need to submit a portfolio or attend an audition?

This varies from course to course, but we’ll outline all of the details in your offer letter.

Can I transfer my guaranteed place from one course to another?

Your offer relates to a specific course, so if you change your mind, you may be able to keep your guaranteed place. Alternatively, you may need to talk to the relevant course leader from your newly chosen course.

Can I get a guaranteed place for BA (Hons) Education: Primary and Early Years or BA (Hons) Education Secondary?

Applicants for BA (Hons) Education Primary and Early Years, or BA (Hons) Education Secondary, who secure a conditional offer, will be invited to interview for a guaranteed place. 

However, only those applicants who are succesful at interview and already hold GCSEs (grades A*-C / 9-4) in English, Maths and Science will be offered a guaranteed place.

For those applicants who are succesful at interview but do not hold the relevant GCSEs, we'll provide an improved conditional offer, which will only ask for the GCSEs requirement, removing the (or equivalent) element. 

Can I get a guaranteed place for LLB (Hons) Law?

Applicants for LLB (Hons) Law who secure a conditional offer, will be invited to interview for a guaranteed place. 
Only those applicants who are succesful at interview and already hold a GCSE English Language grade C/4 will be offered a guranteed place.
For those applicants who are succesful at interview but do not hold the relevant GCSE, we'll provide an improved conditional offer, which will only ask for an English Language grade C/4, removing the A Level (or equivalent) element. 

Can I get a guaranteed place for BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition?

BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition is accredited by the Association of Nutritionists (AfN). A requirement of the accreditation is that students hold at least one A Level (or equivalent) in a relevant science subject, such as Biology. 

Applicants for this course will be invited to interview as part of the guaranteed place scheme. However, successful applicants will not be offered a guaranteed place. Instead, they will be offered a reduction in the offer from, for example:  ‘Achieve three A Levels with grades BCC, with the B in Biology’; to ‘Achieve an A Level pass of any grade in Biology’. This exception is necessary to maintain the accreditation from the AfN.

What happens if I am not offered a guaranteed place?

If at the end of the interview, the decision is to not offer you a guaranteed place, you will retain the conditional offer you have already been given. If you firmly accept the conditional offer, and meet those conditions, then your place is still guaranteed.

A guaranteed place is just one of three ways to help you take that important first step to whatever you want to be.

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