New courses

We’re constantly exploring new ways to help you seize the next big opportunity. Take a look – the springboard for your future career could be right here.

New ideas. New technologies. New careers. The world is rapidly changing. And we want to help you develop the skills to thrive. We’ve introduced innovative new courses that prepare you for emerging careers.

Our courses allow you to explore your passion while equipping you for tomorrow’s workplace. You’ll learn critical skills across disciplines, and gain that all-important hands-on experience that gets you noticed.

New undergraduate courses

Business and Management (Fashion)

Acquire the skills, contacts and experience you need to get ahead in the fashion business. Tailor your degree to fit your career path, with live projects and a choice of placements.

See BA (Hons) Business and Management (Fashion) to find out more...

Creative Writing and Publishing

Pursue your passion and learn how to turn your ideas into stories that reach your audience. Creativity meets high employability in this course.

See BA (Hons) Creative Writing and Publishing to find out more...


Master this high-demand skill to open doors to so many careers and industries. You’ll work with live briefs across disciplines, with guidance from leading professionals.

See BA (Hons) Drawing to find out more...

Educational Technology and Innovation

Explore emerging technologies and acquire a skillset that puts you at the forefront of change within education. This is the only UK undergraduate course of its kind.

See BA (Hons) Educational Technology and Innovation to find out more...

English Literature and Publishing

Turn your love of literature into a fulfilling career. You’ll explore cultural and literary themes and learn how to develop engaging content for different audiences.

See BA (Hons) English Literature and Publishing to find out more...

Fashion Design with Integrated Foundation Year

Develop your creative design skills, then dive deeper. This course equips you to become a versatile, trail-blazing practitioner, ready for a career in the fashion industry.

See BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Integrated Foundation Year to find out more...

Fashion Marketing and Management

Give your career in fashion the best start. You’ll develop your creative flair and gain crucial business and marketing expertise that sets you up to succeed.

See BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Management to find out more...

Festivals and Events

Gain the contacts, skills and hands-on experience for a successful career in this booming industry. From production to digital design, shape your studies to suit your interests.

See BA (Hons) Festivals and Events to find out more...

Forensic Psychology

Explore the criminal mind in this new course that prepares you for a fascinating career. Includes practical experience and placements that get the attention of employers.

See BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology to find out more...

History and Publishing

Learn how to bring the past to life for today’s audiences. You’ll dive deep into historic themes and gain cutting-edge skills for a career in publishing.

See BA (Hons) History and Publishing to find out more...

History with Politics

Our world needs deep thinkers and game changers. Explore the past, question the present and become the effective advocate for change you aspire to be.

See BA (Hons) History with Politics to find out more...

Interior Design

Develop your design skills on collaborative projects, and spark your imagination by creating new uses for existing buildings and spaces.

See BA (Hons) Interior Design to find out more...

International Development and Education

Kick-start your career in international development by exploring the role of education, with hands-on experience in the field every year.

See BA (Hons) International Devlopment and Education to find out more...

Leadership and Practice in Early Childhood

Deepen your understanding of early childhood and acquire the skills to become an effective, ethical leader within any early years setting.

See BA (Hons) Leadership and Practice in Early Childhood to find out more...

Sociology with Politics

Dare to think differently about the status quo. In this course you’ll have the space to ask big questions, explore controversies and imagine new ways we can shape the world.

See BA (Hons) Sociology with Politics to find out more...

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