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We’re constantly exploring new ways to help you seize the next big opportunity. Take a look – the springboard for your future career could be right here.

New ideas. New technologies. New careers. The world is rapidly changing. And we want to help you develop the skills to thrive. We’ve introduced innovative new courses that prepare you for emerging careers.

Our courses allow you to explore your passion while equipping you for tomorrow’s workplace. You’ll learn critical skills across disciplines, and gain that all-important hands-on experience that gets you noticed.

2019 courses


Music and Performing Arts

Give yourself the best opportunity to engage with an exciting Music or Performing Arts degree. Explore Music and the Performing Arts through an integrated Foundation year before you progress onto your chosen BA (Hons) degree.

See Foundation Diploma in Music and Performing Arts to find out more...


Biology (Microbiology)

Explore microbiology and its real-world applications within health, food and the environment. You’ll develop your laboratory and scientific skills on this practical Biology pathway.

See BA (Hons) Biology (Microbiology) to find out more...

Business and Management (Fashion)

Acquire the skills, contacts and experience you need to get ahead in the fashion business. Tailor your degree to fit your career path, with live projects and a choice of placements.

See BA (Hons) Business and Management (Fashion) to find out more...

Fashion Marketing and Management

Give your career in fashion the best start. You’ll develop your creative flair and gain crucial business and marketing expertise that sets you up to succeed.

See BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Management to find out more...

Forensic Psychology

Explore the criminal mind in this new course that prepares you for a fascinating career. Includes practical experience and placements that get the attention of employers.

See BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology to find out more...

History with Politics

Our world needs deep thinkers and game changers. Explore the past, question the present and become the effective advocate for change you aspire to be.

See BA (Hons) History with Politics to find out more...

Interior Design

Develop your design skills on collaborative projects, and spark your imagination by creating new uses for existing buildings and spaces.

See BA (Hons) Interior Design to find out more...

International Development and Education

Kick-start your career in international development by exploring the role of education, with hands-on experience in the field every year.

See BA (Hons) International Devlopment and Education to find out more...

Sociology with Politics

Dare to think differently about the status quo. In this course you’ll have the space to ask big questions, explore controversies and imagine new ways we can shape the world.

See BA (Hons) Sociology with Politics to find out more...


Art and Design

Gain the skills you'll need to build and maintain a successful creative career. You'll have the opportunity to develop your bold ideas – from commercial products to fine art exhibitions – while earning a postgraduate research degree.

See MRes Art and Design to find out more...

Business and Management (Extended)

Start your course early to improve your English language skills. Study for an extra trimester at the beginning of the course, and receive ongoing support while you complete our Business and Management Master's degree.

See MA Business and Management Extended to find out more...

Business and Management with Integrated Placement

Put your business knowledge into practice with an industry placement or work-based independent project. You'll apply the skills and learning you develop on the first part of the course in a practical environment – enabling you to enhance your industry networks and further develop your professional career.

See MA Business and Management with Integrated Placement to find out more...


Want to work in the criminal justice sector? Do you already work in policing or criminal justice, and want to progress your career? Gain advanced understanding of the theories, methods and debates in Criminology. This course is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills for the workplace and/or postgraduate research.

Please register your interest to find out more.

English Literature

Take ‘the long view’ of literature’s relationship with the conflicts and crises of our contemporary world. Study the history of literary experimentation as it has responded to the forces of social, political and planetary change with our forthcoming Master's in English Literature.

Please register your interest to find out more.


Learn to communicate History to a range of audiences – including those that have traditionally been underserved. Gain a host of demonstrable skills to help you in your career and/or further study. We want you to graduate as a confident communicator, capable of responding to changes in the fields you're passionate about.

See MA History to find out more...


Our MBA in Leadership aligns your professional career development with the strategic needs of your organisation and sector. You'll develop your existing management experience while you gain your degree, which can be funded by the apprenticeship levy (Senior Leader Degree Apprenticeship).

See MBA Leadership to find out more...

Primary and Early Years (Part-Time)

Train to become an exceptional Primary teacher through our Oftsted 'Outstanding' rated part-time teacher training course. You'll train part-time alongside your current role, to gain the skills, knowledge and experiences necessary to start your teaching career.

See PGCE Primary and Early Years (Part-Time) to find out more...

Psychology in Practice

Apply new psychological approaches in a variety of real-world settings with our Master's in Psychology. You'll stay at the forefront of developments in Psychology, and choose from modules such as community psychology, wellbeing, and experimental psychology.

See MSc Psychology in Practice to find out more...

Secondary Physical Education with EBacc

Schools are looking for high quality teachers. This is your chance to widen your net when you train in an additional EBacc subject alongside your Secondary PGCE in Physical Education.

See Secondary Physical Education with EBacc to find out more...

Specific Learning Difficulties / Dyslexia

Develop extensive knowledge of theory and practice through this British Dyslexia Association (BDA) accredited Certificate in Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).

See Postgraduate Certificate in SpLD / Dyslexia to find out more...

2020 courses



Build your confidence, skills and knowledge in your Education through an integrated Foundation year, in preparation for continued study onto your BA (Hons) degree.

Please register your interest to find out more.


Build your confidence, skills and knowledge in your Education through an integrated Foundation year, in preparation for continued study onto your BA (Hons) degree.

Please register your interest to find out more.



Prepare for a wide variety of professional computing roles in this applied, industry-focused course. You'll identify human problems and develop applications and experiences to address them through a collision of code, data and creativity.

See BSc (Hons) Computing to find out more...


Explore the connections between legal topics and acquire practical experience as you prepare for a career in the legal sector, and beyond. This course is informed by the new regulatory framework and meets the Bar Standards Board requirements.

See LLB Law to find out more...

Migration and Global Citizenship

Study the migration of people and what it means to be a global citizen in today’s world. You'll combine perspectives from the sciences, social sciences, politics, humanities, arts and media.

Please register your interest to find out more.

2021 courses


Outdoor Education

The outdoors can form a key part of early learning, and this is your chance to develop a critical understanding of the theory, pedagogy and practice of outdoor education. You'll be able to get outside as part of your degree with regular outdoor experiences, field trips and placements, and gain Forest School Practitioner qualifications.

Please register your interest to find out more.


This practice-based course will equip you with the hands-on knowledge and skills required to become a professional modelmaker in areas such as film and TV, animation, architecture and product design.

Please register your interest to find out more.

SEN, Disability and Inclusion

Gain an in-depth understanding of special educational needs and disability, drawing on perspectives from sociology, psychology and philosophy. This course will prepare you for a career in the field of Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion (SENDI).

Please register your interest to find out more.

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