Your HE Journey

Your Journey to Higher Education


Choosing a course

Not sure what or where to study? These videos provide guidance on how to choose the right course and university for you.

Your UCAS application

Once you’ve chosen your course and top 5 universities, it’s time to complete your UCAS application and write your personal statement. Our guides share key information about this important step in your journey to university.

Student life

You might go to university to get a degree, but there's much more to being a student than lectures and assignments! Find out more about both sides of university life in these videos.

Student finance

Many students have a lot of questions regarding the funding and finance available to them. Take a look at these videos to find out more.

For parents and carers

Whether it's helping to put an application together, advising on a first bank account or teaching a few cooking lessons, parents and carers have a huge part to play in getting their children ready for university life. Watch our guide for parents and carers to find out more.

Find out more

Here are even more resources to help you find what you need to know. Have a chat with our students to learn more about uni life!

Useful links

  • UCASBrowse thousands of courses and pick which university suits you best.
  • Student Finance – Find everything you need to know about student finance - from applying, to how much money you will get, to repaying it back.
  • The Student RoomTalk to thousands of other students in the same position as you, and find out more about the universities you’re looking into.
  • ProspectsGet the info you need to pick the right career path for you.
  • The Student Hut – Read loads of articles, reviews and recommendations on all aspects of student life.
  • The Complete University Guide 2020Get lots of information about all the different universities from a student perspective. 
  • Wessex Inspiration Network – Information on all things higher education.
  • Careerpilot – A one-stop shop for information on progression, education and careers in the south west.

About Bath Spa

"One of my favourite things is the sense of community and belonging. Being one of the smaller universities in the UK, you easily interact with students despite the course they are taking, meaning you create a variety of friendship groups."

Annabel Davis, BA (Hons) Music/BSc (Hons) Psychology student

"The campus and city of Bath are the perfect mix of urban and rural living. There's always so much going on in the city, but it's great to have a break on campus too, especially in the beautiful scenery which surrounds the grounds."

– Betsy Francis Mearns, BSc (Hons) Sociology student


Are you in secondary school and want to find out more about university? These quizzes will help you learn more!

What makes a university?

Can't visit a campus? Not a problem! Get thinking about what you want from a university.

Complete the questionnaire

Cool courses quiz

There are around 50,000 university courses in the UK from Accountancy to Zoology. Have a go at our quiz to see what's going on! 

Take the quiz


University quick fire quiz

How much do you know about university? Test your knowledge in this quick fire quiz – can you score a perfect 11?

Take the quiz

Magnifying glass being held up to a forest

Wonderful wordsearch

Can you find all these university words in this fun crossword? Try your luck – there are 16 words in total!

Start searching!


Primary school pupils

Are you in primary school and want to know what's out there for you? These worksheets will help you find out what you need to know!

Campus sign with fields and cows in the background

Go on a campus quest

Explore what life is like at university, discover more about being a university student. Can you find the answers to complete the quest?

Go on the quest!

Design your own university

Imagine your dream university. Are the lecturers famous celebrities? Is there a Formula 1 track, beach or swimming pool?

Design your university

A man punching the air in celebration at the summit of a mountain

Super me!

Discover how amazing you are and what makes you special. Create a superhero character based on you!

Create a superhero!

Any questions?

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